Lemmon Tuttle Family

   Lemmon Tuttle was born 14 Mar 1813 in Genesee County, New York. As a small child he moved with his parents to Sandusky, Ohio where he married the 10 Jun 1834 Philora Gould.   She was born in 1818 in Cuyahoga County, New York, the daughter of Keah and Mehitable (Sturges) Gould.  When Lemmon first came to Steuben County it was on foot from Clyde, Ohio to find land suitable for his needs and family.  Together they moved to Steuben County, IN in 1838 and purchased a farm in Steuben Township.  Lemmon was an expert woodsman and at the time they moved here, Steuben County was in a wild condition.  Like all other pioneers, Lemmon went to work, broke the land, planted it and continued to develop it until his death.  Philora was noted for being the best nurse in the vicinity, and was especially good with children.  He died 28 Jun 1881 and she on the 25 Dec 1880, both are buried in Pleasant Lake Cemetery, Steuben Township, Steuben County, IN.  They had 9 children as follows:
   1. Adesta Tuttle was born in 1839 and married 26 Aug 1855 to Silas Huffman.  They lived in Pleasant Lake until November of 1879 when they moved to Waterloo.   Adesta became ill with pneumonia and heart disease and died the 25 Mar 1880, was laid to rest in the Pleasant Lake Cemetery.  Silas remarried 23 Nov 1880 to Lizzie Rathburn, had more children and died in Michigan.  Children by Adesta and Silas:
       1-1. Roy Huffman
       1-2. William Huffman      
   2. Lorana Tuttle was born 15 Apr 1840 and married 20 Feb 1862 to David Riley Lemmon.  He was born 26 Mar 1839 in Sandusky, OH, the son of Maurice and Lucinda (Rathbun) Lemmon, a farmer.  He died 4 Jan 1922 and she 12 May 1899, both are buried in Pleasant Lake Cemetery.  They had 9 children, as follows:
       2-1. Maurice C. Lemmon born 9 Nov 1864 and married 6 Dec 1884 to Anna B. Beecher.  She was born in 1866 the daughter of Truman and Statira (Brown) Beecher.  They lived in Richland Township in 1885 and owned the Breezy Meadow Farm in 1913 consisting of 97 acres.   He died in 1934 and she in 1953, both buried in Pleasant Lake. They had three children: Russell Lemmon born in 1886, graduated from Pleasant Lake High School and died in 1906.  Bernice L. Lemmon was born in 1889, married Clarence Brooks, had two children Alice Jean and Maurice George and died 25 Apr 1973.  Beecher B. Lemmon born 8 Jun 1893 and enlisted in the Army on 24 Jul 1917 and served until 25 Apr 1918 in WWI.  He died 12 Feb 1985 and was laid to rest in Pleasant Lake Cemetery.
       2-2. Cora Lemmon was born in 1864 and married first to Edward F. Cowan on 11 Feb 1886, the son of John and Alice (Swift) Cowan.  He died on 27 Jan 1892 and is buried in Circle Hill Cemetery in Angola.  She then married  Dr. Stephen H. Fuller who was born 18 Mar 1847, a widower with children.  He died on 21 Jun 1910 and she in 1943, they are buried in Pleasant Lake Cemetery.  Dr.  Fuller and Cora had one son Gerald N. Fuller born 19 Mar 1896 who married Evangeline Fisher. 
       2-3. Morton D. Lemmon (1866-1935) married 8 Oct 1890 in Steuben County to Ida May Menges (1870-1959).  She was the daughter of Samuel and Mary (Wolf) Menges.  Morton and Ida are buried in the Pleasant Lake.
       2-4. Lora Lemmon (1869-1937) married 28 Jan 1892 William H. Uncapher  (1863-1936) and are buried in Pleasant Lake Cemetery.  They had a son Basil who died 19 Jun 1898 at the age of 6 months and 5 days old.               2-5. Chaplin H. Lemmon (1872-1959) and married 22 Feb 1894 in DeKalb County, IN to Hattie Mary Geamling, born 1 Nov 1871 near Ashley, DeKalb County, daughter of William and Rhuanna Geamling.   They were living in Hillsdale, MI by 1922 and were still there at the time of Hattie’s death on 30 Oct 1928.   They had seven children: Klink, Pauline, Dorris, Genevieve, Rex, Nina and a son Donovan (1907-1923).  Chaplin and Hattie are buried in Pleasant Lake.
       2-6. Vira E. Lemmon (1874-1957) married Don O. Powers (1870-1952), son of George W. and Eliza (Dillingham) Powers and lived in Bellingham, MI in 1922.  They are buried in Pleasant Lake Cemetery.
       2-7. Bessie Lemmon (1879-1961) married 31 Jul 1900 John O. Matson (1878-1942).  They had two children: June Maurine born 22 Mar 1904 and John Lewis Matson born 31 Jan 1916 - 7 Oct 1970 Hillsboro, Highland Co., OH.  John and Bessie are buried in Pleasant Lake Cemetery.
       2-8. Ethel Lemmon married John Guy Chadwick and had three children: Robert, Joyce and Frank D.  They are buried in Pleasant Lake Cemetery, no dates listed.
       2-9. Elsie Lemmon
   3. Emerett Tuttle was born 19 Jan 1843 and married to Asa F. Huffman on 10 Oct 1861 in Steuben County.  He was born on 5 Aug 1839 in Erie, OH, the son of William and Clarissa (Dana) Huffman.  Asa served in Co. H, 74th Indiana Infantry during the Civil War and afterwards became a farmer.  Emerett was a member of the Baptist Church in Pleasant Lake.   He died 18 Apr 1912 and she on 30 Dec 1928, both are buried in Pleasant Lake Cemetery.  They had 5 children.
       3-1. Melvin R. Huffman (Jan 1867-1942) and married 2 May 1894 Minnie E. Fuller (Mar 1870-1958).   He was a farmer and they had two children Mabel and Gladys.   Both buried in Pleasant Lake Cemetery.
       3-2. Orla L. Huffman born Nov 1868 married 5 Apr 1894 Carrie Slaybaugh born Sep 1868 and had three children: Weir, Gale and Helen.   Orla is buried in Bloomingdale, MI.
       3-3. Sidney C. Huffman born about 1874 married Mildred Goodale and is buried in Albion, Mi.
       3-4. Morton  K. Huffman born about 1877 is buried in Pleasant Lake.
       3-5. Blaine C. Huffman was born 29 Aug 1882 and married Carrie Closson.  She was born 12 May 1883 the daughter of Carmon J. and Eugenia (Carter) Closson.  He died 25 Jan 1952 and she on 12 Dec 1977, they are buried in Pleasant Lake Cemetery.  They had a son Russell C. Huffman born 8 Apr 1909-10 Apr 1980, who married Elsie Lemmon.
   4. Chester V. Tuttle was born 8 Jul 1847 in Steuben Township and married Tillie Belles, daughter of George and Caroline (Bridinger) Belles, born 22 Mar 1847 in Portage County, Ohio.  He served in the 7th Indiana Calvary until the close of the Civil War and afterwards ran a mercantile business and a farm.  Chester V. Tuttle was appointed County Treasurer in 1888, serving two terms.  He was a member of the Grand Army of the Republic, the Masons and the Odd Fellows.  He died 7 Dec 1902 and she on 23 Aug 1932, they are buried in Pleasant Lake Cemetery.  They had 4 children.
        4-1. Earl Tuttle born 8 Nov 1866 and developed a talent for playing the baritone and violin in early life.  He became a member of the Holten and Bentley Show and traveled with the Bob Hunting Circus and was with the Josh Sprushey’s Show for three seasons.  Earl married Lula Cogswell, the daughter of George A. and Martha (Ritter) Cogswell and settled down to farming.  He served as Steuben County Assessor from 1914-1918.  Earl died in 1947 and Lula on 30 May 1960 and they are buried in Circle Hill Cemetery, Sec.6  Lot 10.  Their children were: Sol A. Tuttle (1892-1965) and Chester V. Tuttle 1906.
       4-2. Carl E. Tuttle was born 19 Jun 1868 in Steuben Township and married 22 Mar 1894 Lotta H. Hauver.  She was born in 1872, the daughter of John Henry and Madaline (Brandeberry) Hauver.  He died in 1955 and she in 1938, they are buried in Pleasant Lake Cemetery.  They had three children: Winnifred born 8 Sep 1896, Harold Hauver Tuttle born 16 Nov 1897 and served in the 294th Aero Squadron in WWI, and James Warren Tuttle born 10 Jan 1910.
       4-3. Worthy E. Tuttle born 28 Dec 1869 and married 30 Jun 1903 Lillian A. Strong, who was born in 1875.  He was a clerk on the B. & O. Railroad and an assistant cashier at the Pleasant Lake Bank.  As a child he and his brothers were given musical education, a teacher from Germany living in the home for a year.  The boys and their father played at many social gatherings.  Worthy played the cornet in Buffalo Bill’s Show in Ringling Brothers Circus for four seasons preceding his marriage.  He will be remembered for the work he did with the young people in connection with music.  He often supplied instruments and gave lessons without thought of reward.  Two of his former pupils became members of the U. S. Marine Band.  He directed an orchestra in the Baptist Sunday School and he was a member of that church.  They had no children.  He died 29 Dec 1954 and she 1 Oct 1950 both are buried in Pleasant Lake Cemetery.
       4-4. Harry C. Tuttle born 1 Oct 1883 in Pleasant Lake and married first Vetta R. ___ (1891-1956).  He married next Georgia Marryman and they had one child, Joyce that married a Mr. Kline.   He was a railroad agent and dispatcher, died 15 Jan 1975 in Moore, OK and is buried in Pleasant Lake Cemetery.
   5. Frank M. Tuttle was born Southeast of Pleasant Lake 31 Oct 1857 and married 1882 Dora L. Lower who was born in 1861, the daughter of Jacob Lower of DeKalb County.  Dora passed away 23 Jan 1901 and is buried in Pleasant Lake.   He married next Mildred Lemmon (1864-1939) on 10 June 1908, the daughter of Bert Lemmon.  Frank was a carpenter, farmer and member of the Masons and Knights of Pythias. He owned the Pine Lawn Farm in 1914 containing 80 acres.  Between 1902 and 1919 he made 5 trips to Colorado, crossing the Rocky Mountains 10 times.  At the time of his death, he was the oldest member of the Pleasant Lake Baptist Church.  He died in 29 Nov 1949 in Angola and is buried in Pleasant Lake Cemetery.  Frank and Dora had three children.
       5-1. Clair V. Tuttle born  Oct 1883, married  ____ Long.  He had under gone surgery about 1950 and went to New York to visit relatives.  While there he died in a New York Hospital at the age of 67 years of a heart ailment.   He was taken to Monrovia, Los Angeles County, California for burial.
       5-2. Carrol H. Tuttle was born 27 Sep 1891 and was living in Los Angeles, California in 1949.  He died 14 Jan 1957 in Fresno, CA.
       5-3. Lower died at the age of three months.
   6. Alptha Tuttle born about 1861, married William Delivan on 13 Nov 1881 in DeKalb County, IN.
   7. Sylvester Tuttle died in infancy.
   8. Arad Tuttle died in infancy.
   9. Bryon Tuttle died in infancy.
And Now More of the Story....
   Clair V. Tuttle (5-1) was the father of Lorene Tuttle the radio and movie actress. She was born on 29 Aug 1907 in Pleasant Lake and shortly afterward they moved to California.  Lorene’s career began in radio in 1936 with “Hollywood Hotel.”  She starred in many movies including “Psycho,” “The Ghost and Mr. Chicken,” and “Walking Tall” and worked with such notable actors as Dick Powell, Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart, Myrna Loy and Marilyn Monroe.  She made television guest appearances on “Red Skelton,” “I Love Lucy,” “The Andy Griffith Show,” “Mary Tyler Moore,” and “The Dukes of Hazzard” etc.  In later years, Lorene became an acting teacher and coach working with Helen Hunt of “Mad About You”  and Tom Lester of “Green Acres.”  Many times over the years she came to visit family and friends in Pleasant Lake and often large dinners were given in her honor.  Her movies were well publicized when playing in the Angola theaters.  She died on 26 May 1986, just a few days before she was going to start a new movie, and is buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, California.  Lorene’s daughter Barbara Ruick was also an actress.      

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Compiled by J. A. Childers