Samuel Woodworth Family

    Samuel Woodworth was the son of James and Mehitable (Hyde) Phelps Woodworth,  born 16
May 1772 in Lebanon, New London County, Connecticut.  His father was born in Lebanon, CT., on the 11 Oct 1733 and married first to Hannah Hackstone of Norwich, CT., on 30 Mar 1758.  They had two children, Hannah born the 17 Feb 1760 and James born 21 Nov 1761.  Hannah, his wife passed away on 1 May 1765.  He then married in 1767 to a widow, Mehitable (Hyde) Phelps, daughter of Bazalel Hyde. They had the following children: Molly born 23 Nov 1767; Lucy  7 Aug 1769; James  23 Nov 1770; Samuel, (our subject);  Benjamin  28 July 1773;  Mehitable 19 April 1775; and Alanson  25 Aug 1781. James died in Columbia, Tolland, CT., on 5 Aug 1812 and his wife Mehitable on 24 Jan 1820, both buried in Columbia.
    Samuel Woodworth married Lovina Babcock about 1791, believed to be in East Haddam, CT.,,
where she was born on 29 Jan 1772.  Her father was Wm. Babcock and her mothers maiden name was Janes.   Samuel and Lovina had eight children, namely: Barzilliel 20 Feb 1792; Samuel 5 Oct 1796; Asahel 1 Dec 1798; Nancy Adelia 8 Aug 1802; Almon 7 Jul 1804; Sally 11 May 1807; William 30 Mar 1809; and James 24 Apr 1813.  They lived in many places, Utica, N.Y., near Tunkhannock, PA, Windham, CT., near Ketchumville, NY, where they owned a large farm, and for a time in Centre Lisle, Broome County., N.Y. with son Asahel.
    In the Spring of 1844, Samuel and Lovina came to Otsego, Steuben Co., Indiana to live with son
Barzilliel and daughter Sally.  Their grand-daughter Nancy Adelia Lobdell wrote about that day saying “ I do not know where grandfather and grandmother went, but I remember very well the morning they started from Centre Lisle, N.Y.   Brother Niles carried them and what goods they wished to take, in a lumber wagon to Ithaca, NY , where they went on a boat across Cayuga Lake, then by canal as far as it would take them on their journey.  It was in the month of May.  I well remember what grandmother said as father (Asahel) helped her in and tucked the blanket around her.  She grasped his hand and said  “ Fairwell till we meet at the Judgement, I have buried my five boys, I shall never see them again!”  The tears were running down her cheeks and father and Niles and all of us crying too.  She did not want to go, I think.  She died that Summer.”   Samuel died in 1846 and both are buried in the North Otsego Cemetery.  On the tombstone it says he served in the Revolutionary War in Company H of the 2nd NY Volunteers, a Dar marker has been placed on his grave.
    The Samuel Woodworth Bible was owned by Elizabeth Dalley in 1901, when the Walter
Woodworth Family history book was written.

Generation No. 2
    Barzilliel Woodworth was born in Lebanon, CT on 20 Feb 1792, and  served in the War of 1812, Co. A, of the lst NY Militia.  He married on the 6 Nov 1840 in Ithaca, NY to Matilda (Irwin) Francis, who was born 28 Sep 1818 in New York City.   They came to Otsego Township, Steuben County sometime between 1843 and 1844, where Barzilliel  died 14 Sep 1846.  He is buried in the North Otsego Cemetery.  His wife Matilda, remarried on 15 Dec 1847 to Lemuel Colton, she died 24 Feb 1883 and is buried in Clark Cemetery, North of Pleasant Lake.   Barzilliel and Matilda had four children:
    1.  George Woodworth was born 30 Oct 1841 at Ithaca, NY, and he was  married twice, first to
Emeline Field on 17 Oct 1868 in Pleasant Lake.  She was born on the 12 Mar 1844 and died 18 April 1893.  Then on the 5 Dec 1894 he married  Maria Josephine McGown of Cooperstown, NY.  In 1900, they were living in Quincy, Branch County, Michigan.
    2.  Edwin Woodworth was born 7 Mar 1843 at Ithaca, NY and died 8 Jul 1843 in NY.
    3.  Mary Elizabeth Woodworth was born 25 Sep 1844 in Otsego Township., Steuben County and died 8 July 1857 at Pleasant Lake.
    4.  Barzilliel Woodworth was born 8 Apr 1847 in Otsego Township and died 19 Jun 1903.   On
June 4, 1861, at the age of 14 years he enlisted for three months service in the 7th Indiana Calvary, and on August 4, in Co. D of the same regiment.  He enlisted again in Co. H, of the 43rd U.S. Calvary on November 9, 1867 and was honorably discharged on March 5, 1869, after serving a total of 5 years, 10 months and 22 days.  His devotion to the flag and the duties of Memorial Day were intense and loyal, and to him was assigned the duty of carrying the flag in the marching column of the citizens, school children and comrades to the cemetery.  On the last Decoration Day before his death,  he as usual, attempted to do this duty, but found his health and strength gone, and could not bear up the flag, so had to resign to another, and with a sad heart he stepped aside and wept.   He married Charlotte Smith who was born in 1848 and died in 1924 and had eight children: Cora 13 Dec 1871; Elliot 8 Nov 1873; Anna Belle 21 May 1876; Maud Elbertie 14 Dec 1879; William G. 28 Mar 1881; Blanch Bernice 12 Sep 1883 - 10 Sep 1885; Gertie 14 Aug 1886; and Cecil Onita 18 Jun 1890.  Both Barzilliel and Charlotte are buried in the Pleasant Lake Cemetery.
    Samuel Woodworth’s daughter Sally married Levi Gates about 1831 in NY   He was born the
9 Jan 1809 and died 13 Mar 1862, she passed away on 3 Jul 1873.   When they came here from NY in 1841, their place was in the midst of the heavy woods of Otsego Township,  Indians were still found in the locality and wild animals abounded in the woods.  Levi built a log house as a shelter for his family of six children who were as follows:
    1. Ransom Gates was born in Broome Co., NY on the 27 Mar 1832  and died on 11 June1910.
He married 10 Apr 1853 in Steuben County to Abigail Ellis who was born in 1833 and died in 1913. Both are buried in North Otsego Cemetery.  They had five children namely: Van Rennselaer who died in infancy in 1854; Blanche married on 8 Aug 1886 to Frederick A. Thomas; Otis 1864-1955, married Sarah Denman on 28 Aug 1886;  Pearl; and Burr.
    2. Amanda L. Gates was born on 18 Nov 1833 and died 28 Dec 1869.  She married 24 Jul 1853 in Steuben County to Andrew Croy, who was born 11 Sep 1826 in Marion Co., OH, and died on the 7 Aug 1915.  Both are buried in North Otsego Cemetery.   They had three children, Alice was born 10 Nov 1857 and married on 26 Feb 1882 to John W. Champion; Almon W. born in 1864 and died 1925, and Alfred, who died in infancy on 5 Jan 1869, just 8 days after his Mother.
    3. Sereno Gates married Sarah Snyder on 2 June 1870, and was still living in April of 1911.
    4. Nancy Gates was born 3 Sep 1836 and died on 7 April 1911, in Pleasant Township.   She
married 7 May 1859 in Steuben County to Richard Rhodes, who was born in 1838 and died on 2 April 1910. They did not have any children and both are buried in North Otsego Cemetery.
    5. Levi  Gates
    6. Sarah Elizabeth Gates was born 1840 in NY and died 1919.  She married 27 Jul 1862 in
Steuben County to Reuben E. Dalley, who was born in 1839 and died 24 Feb 1912.  Both are buried in Otsego Center Cemetery.  They had two children, Ruth born in 1863 and Ransom 1866-1943.
Compiled by Jean Ann Childers

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