Steuben County Guardianship Records

This information is from the Record of Guardian's Bonds and Oaths No. 3 Book, Steuben Circuit Court, Steuben County, Indiana.
This book covers 1888 - 1927.

The original book is now located in the Reference Department of the Carnegie Public Library of Steuben County, Indiana.

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                            1. All were of Steuben County, Indiana unless stated.
                            2. All guardians were also bondsmen.
                            3. Because old handwriting is hard to read, there may be mistakes in spelling of names. Many are not spelled as they are today.

Submitted By: Cheryl Pocock Gleason

Page Guardian Bondsmen 1 Bondsmen 2 Additional Bondsmen Bond Amount Date Minor Heirs Minor Heirs of
First Name
Minor Heirs of Last Name Notes
1 John Dygert John H. Moor David Orwiler
$100 5 Sept 1888 Edith M. Hutchins, Eva Hutchins John Hutchins Deceased
2 Sabilla Mitchell John B. Kinsely William Mitchell Thomas Mitchell, Edward Mitchell $600 8 Sept 1888 Lulu Gordon Rush W.  Gordon  Deceased
3 Loyd L. Waterhouse Frank Brown Joseph Butler
$1,000 13 Sept 1888 J. Lyman Heath, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
4 Caroline Barlien John Barlien Aaron Barlien
$300 24 Sept 1888 Lucy Barlien, Not a Minor

5 John W. Hagerty Nathan S. Hagerty Horman S. Hutson
$300 25 Sept 1888 Mary E. Hagerty Caroline  Hagerty Deceased
6 Eli Klink Isreal Greene Charles Mottsolf
$200 12 Nov 1888 Alma S. Mottsolf Peter Mottsolf Deceased
7 George Keesler John G. Young Zeotis P. Keesler
$1,500 5 Dec 1888 John S. Gamble Richard Gamble Deceased
8 Roelif E. Butler Albuia L. Butler Elijah D. Gunsaullus
$500 5 Dec 1888 Lorin W. Butler, Eva S. Butler, Fred H. Butler Pertherina A.  Butler Deceased
9 Jacob A.J. Anspaugh Samuel Anspaugh Orville Carver
$400 1 Dec 1888 Wesley Patterson, Milo Patterson Edward Patterson Deceased
10 Myron Brown Ward Woodhull Joseph A. Woodhull
$1,000 17 Dec 1888 Emma E. Crandall George B. Crandall Deceased
11 William Leas Martin Leas Jacob Leas
$2,000 27 Dec 1888 Charles S. Leas Obadiah Leas Deceased
12 William Foster James H. Robinson Nathan D. Robinson
$10,000 19 Jan 1889 Georgia Anna Graham George   Graham Deceased
13 D. Augustus Roberts Ziba Roberts Jonas Twichell
$1,400 14 Jan 1889 Amanda Holden, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
14 Charles Bachelor Charles A. Bachelor Joseph Butler
$2,800 12 Jan 1889 Ola Bachelor Elwina Blass Deceased
15 Richard A. Miller Isaiah A. Miller Henry C. Wilcox
$1,000 4 May 1889 John Miller Jr., Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
16 Eugene A. Carver Orville Carver Frank Carver
$2,000 18 May 1889 Carrie A. Clingen, Mary Clingen Elizabeth Clingen Deceased
17 Morris Brown William F. Casner

$500 3 May 1884 Emily Brown, Hoyt Brown, Ella Brown, Etna Brown, Morris Brown Jeremiah Brown Deceased
18 Alma H. Williams John J. Kinney Laurence Gates
$2,000 18 July 1889 Nellie Williams Lyman R. Williams Deceased
19 Almeron H. Barber John D. Martin Dwight B. Lewis
$200 27 July 1889 Dessie Barber Mary Deckman Deceased
20 Eugenia Morley J.W. Hagerty Albert Morley
$150 29 July 1889 Les R. Morley, Nellie B. Morley, Dea R. Morley Robert G. Morley Deceased
21 Stephen A. Powers William Ferrier

$100 3 Aug 1889 Myrtie Beil Cynthia Beil Deceased
22 Josiah Phillips E. Quinton McElhenie

$700 14 Aug 1889 John B. Torrey John C. Torrey  Deceased
23 Mary H. Blue George Golden Ben F. Dawson
$1,600 4 Sept 1889 John Blue John B.  Blue Deceased
24 Jacob C. McKenzie Melvin Thompson

$200 11 Sept 1889 Clarence McKenzie,  Helen Urbin McKenzie, Samuel McKenzie John Fair Deceased
25 William Foster James H. Robinson James M Crissinger
$10,000 6 Sept 1889 Georgianna Graham George
26 Albert Omstead Thomas Robinett

$3,000 2 Sept 1889 Alta Everhart Joseph M. Everhart Deceased
27 Nelson Hutchins Hugh D. Wood

No Amount 9 Sept 1889 James Thompson John Thompson Deceased
28 Frank Salisbury Stillman L. Collins Amy Lucas (Widow)
$800 3 Oct 1889 Jay Lucas Robert   Lucas Deceased
29 Albert H. Omstead Daniel Leichlander Martha Ann Allomong
$7,500 1 Nov 1889 Joseph Cyrus Allomong Joseph   Allomong  Deceased
30 Charles E. Cobb Seth W. Cobb Seth Taylor
$1,000 11 Nov 1889 No Minors listed Elizabeth Cobb Deceased
31 Berton Beard James H. Maxwell William Kohl
$350 10 Oct 1889 Charles Beard, Calvin Beard Margaret T. Johnson Deceased
32 Charles Hastings Emory G. Melendy Frank S. Roby
$100 25 Nov 1889 Maude Weaver, Blanche Weaver Jennie Weaver Deceased
33 Charles Dauber Alexander G. Wilson Henry Zeller
$1,500 25 Nov 1889 Sarah Harper, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
34 Robert McEwen Emory G. Melendy Alphonso M. Caswell
$2,000 4 Jan 1890 Ellsworth Powell John  Powell Deceased
35 Elizabeth Parsell Christian K. Parsell Ezra L. Dodge
$1,000 7 Jan 1890 Bertha E. Parsell Wickliff W.  Parsell Deceased
36 William G Croxton Orville Carver Sol A. Wood
$4,000 15 Jan 1890 Washington Fisk, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
37 Samuel D. Porter Abraham Stevens Charles W. Goodale
$1,000 3 Feb 1890 James A. Catchpole James R. Catchpole Deceased
38 Annabella Matison Alason Hendry Charles Mastison
$1,000 29 Mar 1890 Charles F. Dannells Frances M. Dannells Deceased
39 Susie Johnson Albert H. Omstead Edward Eyster
$300 15 April 1890 Wavil D. Douglass John W.  Douglass Deceased
40 Samantha J.VanAuken Frank B. VanAuken Hampton Miller
$850 19 April 1890 Ona VanAuken, Freed VanAuken David E. VanAuken Deceased
41 Josiah W. Weaver Jacob D. Abbey Levi R. Weaver
$1,000 12 April 1890 Zaura Weaver Abraham Weaver Deceased
42 Sol A. Wood Orville Carver Chester V. Tuttle
$600 23 April 1890 Harold Woodmansee Blanche Woodmansee Deceased
43 Charles Paxon John G. Parker Jonas Twichell
$600 5 May 1890 Rosina Patterson, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
44 Charles Clink Francis Wolf George H. Deller Jacob Wolf, Joseph Wolf $5,000 5 May 1890 Catharine Wolf, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
45 John G. Miller M. J. Miller William Bigler Franklin Butz $160 7 May 1890 Bruce K. Miller Drusilla A. Miller Deceased
46 William Freed Absalom Spigelmire Joseph Chasey
$600 11 June 1890 David Freed, Mary Freed, Joseph Freed Daniel Freed Deceased
47 Marion J. Sparks Samuel Judson Sparks Charles Clink
$1,500 1 July 1890 Samuel Green Thomas Green Deceased
48 John J Kinsey Laurence Gates Peter W. Russell
$2,500 3 Aug 1890 Sadie Bessie Holliday William T. Holliday Deceased
49 Arthur K. Hammond David Haskins Abdilla Sams
$7,000 16 Aug 1890 Clyde E. Hammond, Schyler C. Hammond, Edith M. Hammond Frances    Hammond Deceased
50 Joseph Butler Cyrus Cline Thomas Gilles
$3,000 10 Sept 1890 William W. Thomson, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
51 Isaac Brankeberry Daniel P. Rummell William C. Brandeberry
$1,500 11 Sept 1890 Cynthia Richardson, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
52 George Keeslar William Keeslar J.A. Hunter
$2,000 16 Sept 1890 John C. Gamble Richard Gamble Deceased
53 William F. Williamson Eugene A. Carver Frank W. Carver
$500 11 Nov 1890 George H. Williamson Allen  Williamson  Not Dec'd of Colorado Springs Co.
54 Robert G. Renner Asa F. Huffman Brace Lemmon
$1,500 24 Nov 1890 Julia Renner, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
55 Murray Claypool Ransom Gates Otis Gates
$500 24 Nov 1890 Leon D. Battreall, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
56 Martin U. Leas John R. Hanselman Timothy E. Purinton
$1,500 5 Dec 1890 Earnest Jonathan Fifer, Clyde Fifer, Shirley Fifer William J. Fifer Deceased
57 James H. Parsell Dwight B. Lewis Edward Parsell
$200 6 Dec 1890 Hattie Parsell Hattie Parsell Deceased
58 William Foster Aaron Berlien John Berlien
$10,000 9 Feb 1891 Georgia Ann Graham George Graham Deceased
59 Charles Dauber Lorenz Dauber

$1,500 12 Feb 1891 Sarah Harger, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
60 Mary Mundy Lewis M. Mundy Otis Mundy
$500 9 Feb 1891 Nellie Mundy Lewis M. Mundy Deceased
61 Celenda L. Bowyer John W. Shore George Cleveland
$200 28 July 1891 Guy I. Young, Blanch E. Young, Claud L. Young Isreal  Young Deceased
62 Henry Wright Monroe F. Wright Joel Locke
$1,500 15 Sept 1891 Joseph Call, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
63 Riley Harger John Zeigler Thomas Moore
$1,500 22 Sept 1891 Sarah Harger, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
64 Frank G. Salisbury Chester D. Salisbury John W. Crysler
$800 21 Sept 1891 Sofrona Nuttle Robert Nuttle Deceased
65 Henry Gochenaur William G. Croxton Thomas Wickwire
$1,500 27 Oct 1891 Christiana Kope, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
66 Emma J. Hamilton Lafayette Burket Peter W. Russell
$600 20 Nov 1891 Martha C. Hamilton, Sadie G. Hamilton, Harry G.W. Hamilton Martha C. Hamilton Deceased
67 Lewis A. Hendry Orville Goodale John Anderson
$6,500 5 Mar 1892 Mina Day, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
68 Caroline E. Woodhull John J. Kinney Lawrence Gates
$1,500 5 Mar 1892 Georgia Kinney Charles F.  Kinney Deceased
69 Absolm Spigelmire William Freed Newton G. W. Gilbert
$1,000 6 May 1892 John Miller Jr., Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
70 David Musser David C. Miller Arteman A. Stallman
$1,000 9 May 1892 Nora Mussser, Florence Musser, Edwin Musser Sarah E.  Musser Deceased
71 John W. Shore Simon Dayhoff Thomas S. Lacey
$200 10 May 1892 Mary Waterfield, Arthur C. Shore, Luella May Shore Lydia L. Shore Deceased
72 Theda Williams Augustus V. Ball John Williams
$400 12 May 1892 Lynn Williams, Leslie Williams, Harry Williams Charles   Williams Deceased
73 William G. Croxton Francis Mcarteny Sol A. Wood
$1,000 5 July 1892 Ward Latson Simeon Latson Deceased
74 Moses Gonser John Zimmerman J.A. Ruton
$1,000 13 Aug 1892 Avery Brugh Leander Brugh Deceased
75 Joseph A. Frederick Ephriam Frederick Justus Deubener
$1,400 30 aug 1892 Walter Deubener
Deubener Deceased
76 William C. Moss William G. Croxton William E. Kinsey
$100 7 Sept 1892 Millie Bennett Ellen Bennett Deceased
77 Mary E. Baker Nathaniel Baker Jerome B. Cheney
$600 5 Oct 1892 Bonnie M. Swook William S. Swook Deceased
78 William Hutchins Nelson Hutchins Joseph Ewing
$150 22 Oct 1892 Fred Hutchins Watty Ann Hutchins Deceased
79 Nettie Fast Orville Goodale Ira Fast
$500 5 Dec 1892 Homer Hills Annetta Hills Deceased
80 John Lingle Frederick Winters Otto H. Storey
$100 22 Dec 1892 William Wiler, Dora Wiler George Wiler Deceased
81 John Headley Charles M. Hubbell Orville Goodale
$1,000 3 Jan 1893 John Miller, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
82 Joseph L. Bricker Aaron R. Hufnagle Herman F. Carpenter
$800 27 Feb 1893 Louisa E. Hufnagle, Not a Minor, N.C.M. unsound mind Joseph Hufnagle Deceased
83 Lauren E. Smith Orville Carver George R. Wickwire
$500 27 Feb 1893 Dora Day, Estella Day Samuel  Day Deceased
84 Samuel D. Porter Theodore Robinitt Marcus F. Moore
$800 15 Feb 1893 James Catchpole James R. Catchpole Deceased
85 Emory G. Melendy Seth W. Cobb A. T. Wiser Emory G. Melendy is the trustee $1,000 3 Mar 1893 Anna R. Cobb, One of the heirs as provided in will of dec'd Thomas Hufnagle Deceased
86 Wenifred R. Gale Frank M. Powers

$3,000 17 Mar 1893 Rose Catherine Gale Waldo R. Gale Deceased
87 Emery A. Metz Susannah Brugh William E. Kinsey Emery is also Emanual A. Metz $100 27 April 1893 Hanna Burgh Leander Brugh Deceased
88 Frances Ketchum Jane Grieves Florence A. Mason
$300 24 April 1893 Bertha E. Ketchum, Ada G. Ketchum Joseph Ketchum Deceased
89 Della R. Gilbert Theodore R. Gilbert Sol A. Wood
$1,000 14 April 1893 Mary K. Gale Jesse M.
90 James C. Moore William N. McKeehen Emory G. Melendy
$2,200 12 May 1893 Nettie B. Moore Angeline Moore Deceased
91 Ester Chappell Orlando Hanna Lafayette Burket
$1,000 13 May 1893 Julius H. Chappell, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
92 Esther Chappell Orlando Hanna Lafayette Burket
$200 27 May 1893 Julius H. Chappell, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
93 Albert J. Higlea G.W. Strausser Adolphus T. Swift
$300 27 May 1893 Mary C. Higlea, Effie L. Higlea Nellie M.  Higlea Deceased
94 Henry M. Heckenlively George Zabst Franklin Gilbert
$600 2 Oct 1893 Charles W. Kirk, Not a Minor

N.C.M unsound mind
95 John Dygert Nathan H. Tuttle

$1,000 9 Sept 1893 No Minors listed John  Hutchins Deceased
96 Amanda Shumaker Elijah Shumaker

$1,000 17 Sept 1893 George Shumaker John Shumaker Deceased
97 James Day Ezra Day Eli Rinehart
$100 16 Sept 1893 Stella Day, Dora Day Samuel  Day Deceased
98 Sarah A. Redding John H. Zabst Frank Zabst
$600 19 Aug 1893 Carl Redding George Redding Deceased
99 Samuel D. Porter J.F.Metzler David H. Welton John F. Musser $550 1 Sept 1893 Eva Sharp Mortimer Sharp Deceased
100 Clay Lemmon Stephen Horn William E. Kinsey
$1,500 23 Sept 1893 Charles Horn, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
101 Electa McKibben Perry W. McKibben Albert J. McKibben
$200 Dec 1 1893 Alice McKibben James F. McKibben Deceased
102 Frank E. Burk J.E. Taylor William Wicoff
$1,500 28 Nov 1893 Joe M. Evans Isaac Evans Deceased
103 Doak R. Best Orville Carver

$2,000 11 Dec 1893 Albert DeForest Miller Sarah   Miller Deceased
104 William G. Croxton Orville Carver John W. Sommerlot
$8,000 6 Dec 1893 Mina Day, Not a Minor

N.C. M unsound mind
105 Sarah A. Whitney DeWitt C. Salisbury Chester D. Salisbury
$400 13 Nov 1893 Sarah W. Whitney, Azalia S. Whitney Fanny Hanson Deceased
106 William Imhoff Jr William Imhoff Sr. Edward Eyster
$200 13 Oct 1893 Willie Enfield, Dora Enfield, Leslie Enfield Frederick Enfield Deceased
107 Frank E. Burk William Wicoff J.E. Taylor
$1,500 28 Dec 1894 Curtis Evans, Nellie Evans Isaac M. Evans Deceased
108 Josephine Heller Emory G. Melendy Irma Heller
$2,500 22 Jan 1894 Jessie Heller George Heller Deceased
109 Orville Goodale Robert M. Lutz William Wicoff
$1,200 4 Jan 1894 Julius H. Chappell, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
110 Nathaniel Baker Jerome B. Chaney

$300 10 Feb 1894 Leora E. Baker Christopher Baker Deceased
111 John I. Hanselman William G. Croxton Thomas L. Gillis
$200 8 Feb 1894 Clair Hanselman Sophia Kankamp Deceased
112 Rose B. Green Robert F. Leffin A. F. Kline Matt Elliott $2,500 23 Feb 1894 George R. Green, Harold H. Green, Edwin D. Green John Green Deceased
113 John G. Miller William J. Miller Jacob Stoffer
$200 11 Sept 1893 Bruce K. Miller Drusilla A. Miller Deceased
114 John J. Kinney Peter Russell William E. Kinsey
$1,600 14 May 1894 David Fetterhoff, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
115 Stephen Horn Orville Carver Newton Gilbert
$500 18 May 1894 Angie Horn Stephen Horn Not Deceased
116 Benjamin F. Isenhower Jacob P. Isenhower Amos Isenhower
$500 12 May 1894 Frank A. Isenhower Anna E. Isenhower Deceased
117 Hiram B. Melendy Dwight B. Lewis John S. Leas
$100 1 May 1894 Hanna Brugh Leander Brugh Deceased
118 Alonzo Mabie Curtis Delong Frank Degangh
$400 23 Mar 1894 Cecil Sams Cara E Mabie Deceased
119 Andrew J. Light Chester Burch Nathan H. Tuttle
$600 10 Mar 1894 Margaret Ruth, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
120 Henry A. Denison G.Y. Ransburg William Tubbs
$700 17 April 1894 Josie L. Denison George & Jane Ransburg Deceased
121 Albert H. Omstead Orson F. Parrett

$2,500 4 June 1894 Firm J. Engle David    Engle Deceased
122 Catharine Smiley Orlando Hanna John Whistler
$320 16 Oct 1894 Jennie Smiley, Lula Smiley George Smiley Deceased
123 Stephen H. Fuller Chester V. Tuttle T.M. Tuttle
$200 8 Jan 1895 Abram F. Fuller, Fern F. Fuller Mark M. Follett Deceased
124 Elmer Richmond Chester Burch Orville Carver
$1,000 12 Feb 1895 Alanson Carpenter, Not a Minor

125 Harry Teeters

No more info filled out

126 Theron D. Murray Benjamin F. Barber James L. Johnson
$10,000 14 Feb 1895 William VanHusan William VanHusan Deceased
127 Dwight B. Lewis Arthur K. Hammond Thomas E. Legg
$1,000 31 Dec 1894 Fred Kerlin John Kerlin Deceased
128 Emmett A. Bratton Orville Carver William Wickwire
$1,500 4 Dec 1894 Inez Milvurn, Roy T. Milburn Thomas J. Milburn Deceased
129 Arthur K. Hammond David Haskins

$7,000 3 Dec 1894 No Minors listed Francis Hammond Deceased
130 Chas. A. Yotter John Wilcox Wesley Cruson
$700 4 Feb 1895 John C. Toney John C. Toney Deceased
131 Artemus Allen Monroe F. Wright William E. Kinsey
$500 22 April 1895 Anna Dreler, Not a Minor

Not Deceased
132 Amy J. Baker Christopher Baker Frank S. Roby
$500 2 April 1895 Lena E. Baker Christopher Baker Deceased
133 Edwin Mortorff Daniel Gonser Ashton Goser
$500 21 Mar 1895 Prosper J. Grumond Jacob Eberly Deceased
134 Edmon Smith Frank Slabaugh Monroe F. Wright
$4,000 22 April 1895 Michael Smith, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
135 Rosa B. Green H. C. Shull D. D. Moody
$2,500 29 April 1895 George R. Green, Harold H. Green, Edwin D. Green John Green Deceased
136 Mary Griggs Daniel S. Griggs James W. Martin
$250 10 Oct 1895 Bessie V. Wiley, Mabel Wiley Hudson Ida A. Wiley Deceased
137 John J. Kinney Lawrence Gates Peter W. Russell
$6,000 27 July 1895 Blanch VanHusan, Leo VanHusan, Frank VanHusan Jr. William VanHusan Deceased
138 W.O. Bailey Henry E. Kratz L.M. Sniff
$2,000 23 July 1895 Mary Bailey Dora E. Bailey Deceased
139 Charles A. Yotter Herman F. Carpenter George R. Wickwire
$2,400 27 July 1895 John S. Gamble Richard Gamble Deceased
140 Lewis Fifer Jesse W. Avery Oliver P. Brown Ebin Smith $2,000 9 Sept 1895 Elizabeth Fifer, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
141 Blank

142 Marvin B. Butler George Ousterhout Dwight B. Lewis
$1,500 4 Dec 1895 Harriet M. Butler, Not a Minor

143 Saba Sheline Cyrus Sheline John B. Allman
$500 26 Nov 1895 Earl Sheline, Cornelia Sheline Daniel Sheline Deceased
144 Harry Teeters Elisha Teeters Harrison L. Smith
$400 19 Nov 1895 Don R. McKim Ortensia D. McKim Deceased
145 Lewis I. Matson Don Carlos Ransburg Stephen H. Fuller
$1,000 1 Feb 1896 Edna Grace Shackford, Alice M. Shackford, Mabel F. Shackford Omar I. Clark Deceased
146 Lewis I. Matson Don Carlos Ransburg Stephen H. Fuller
$500 1 Feb 1896 Ada Bell Clark Omar I. Clark Deceased
147 Emmet A. Bratton Doak R. Best G. R. Wickwire
$300 12 Feb 1896 Inez Milvurn, Roy T. Milburn Sarah J. Milburn Deceased
148 Alonzo C. McMillan H.N. Vanauken Hany Snyder
$500 7 Mar 1896 Orville McMillan Jane McMillan Deceased
149 Willis Rhoads James B. Watkins Frank S. Roby
$680 24 Feb 1896 Josie F. Dennison George
150 Sol A. Wood Frank W. Carver Eugene A. Carver
$2,000 20 April 1896 Isabel Barlien, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
151 John J. Kinney P.W. Russell Henry Linden
$12,000 15 April 1896 Banch VanHusan, Leo VanHusan, Frank VanHusan Jr. legatees of William VanHusan Deceased
152 Lauren E. Smith Orville Goodale Newton W. Gilbert
$400 21 April 1896 Emma Champion, Fay Champion, John Champion, Jesse Champion,
Cora Champion
George Champion Deceased
153 John W. Smathers M. P. Frederick John H. Wagner
$2,000 29 April 1896 Rebecca Ann Bible, Not A Minor

Unsound Mind
154 Albert H, Hubbell Stephen L. Hubbell William L. Braun
$300 29 April 1896 Nellie Merrill, Iva Merrill, Claude Hubbell Samantha Merrill Deceased
155 Henry Webb Orville Carver Lawrence Gates
$300 1 May 1896 William H. Merrill, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
156 Jacob Rummel George H. Casper Tim H. Dirrim
$500 12 May 1896 Elizabeth Closson, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
157 Truman A. Beecher Jesse H. Carpenter Morris Lemmon
$200 20 June 1896 Frank C. Beecher, Fannie C. Beecher, James G. Beecher Delia H. Sloan Deceased
158 Levi R. Weaver Frank H. Chadwick D. C. Ransburg
$1,000 24 July 1896 Joseph H. Clegg Jeremiah  Clegg Deceased
159 J. Stacey Lockwood Nathan M. Lacy Orson W. Fisk
$2,000 27 Dec 1896 Mark H. Fisk, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
160 Thomas F. Welch Chas E. Wells Charles M. Kunkle
$2,400 10 Feb 1897 Oliver E. Benfer, Edward Benfer Sarah J. Benfer Deceased
161 Samuel Miller William Croxton George R. Wickwire
$500 18 Feb 1897 Henry Nichols, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
162 Lewis A. Hendry William G. Croxton Orville Goodale
$250 20 Feb 1897 Bessie Lewis Belle Lewis Deceased
163 Charles A. Yotter John Wilcox George Wickwire
$1,600 17 Feb 1897 Claude Bellinger James Bellinger Deceased
164 William E. Kinsey Orville Carver Orville Goodale
$4,000 9 Mar 1897 Blanch W. Woodford, Bessie B. Woodford James H.
Sarah A.
165 John W. Goodale Orville Goodale Francis Macartney
$500 16 Mar 1897 Edward Ingledue Nellie    Ingledue Deceased
166 Daniel Pray Thomas Mclughen Wilhelm Krehl
$150 29 April 1897 Lloyd Bowman, Mertie Bowman, Ermie Bowman Mary Bowman Deceased
167 Rollin Phillips Alfred R. Haines John Anderson
$1,000 5 May 1897 William Mattison, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
168 William W. Turner Frank G. Salisbury Charles N. Turner
$2,400 4 May 1897 Merrett B. Salisbury, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
169 David B. West James L. Johnson Elias Silbaugh
$1,000 6 May 1897 Harry R. West, James T. West, Charles S. West, Lewis E. West Flora J. West Deceased
170 John F. Duguid Simon Geedy Lewis A. Lytle
$200 4 May 1897 Mamie Duguid, Dennis Duguid, Mytie Duguid, Maude Duguid,
Otto J. Duguid, John Duguid
Martha   Duguid Deceased
171 John H. Taylor Jonathan E. Taylor

$1,600 8 May 1897 Linus S. Taylor, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
172 Josephine Hector Joseph A. J.Sowle Frank W. Carver
$1,400 9 Sept 1897 Joseph C. Hector Frank M. Hector  Deceased
173 Henry G. Curwin Henry A. Shuman Jacob P. Isenhour
$500 20 Mar 1897 Harry G. Curwin, Floyd Curwin Ida J. Curwin Deceased
174 Henry S. Hunt Dennison K. Barber John B. Parsell
$250 7 Sept 1897 Desire Barber Mary D. Deckman Deceased
175 Albert N. Omstead William Imhoff Jr. William Imhoff Sr.
$1,000 18 Nov 1897 Willie Enfield, Dora Enfield, Leslie Enfield Frederick Enfield Deceased
176 Edward L. Smith Corsins M. Dolph Frances F. Wolf
$500 18 Oct 1897 Adam Lidge, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
177 William Galutia Mary Galutia Amy Baker
$200 1 Dec 1897 Elnora Galutia David  Galutia Deceased
178 Sol A. Wood T. B. Wood E.A. Carver
$500 7 Feb 1898 Eve Sharp Mortimer Sharp Deceased
179 Peter Zimmer Elmer Cowan David K. Swift
$3,000 19 Feb 1898 Mary Ann Hantz, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
180 Winfield S. Chandler Curtis Smith Charles W. Goodale
$1,000 16 Feb 1898 Cora A. Chandler, Iva Chandler, Ida Chandler, Burleigh Chandler Mary Chandler Deceased
181 Stephen Horn George Ireland George Goodrich
$250 9 Feb 1898 Angeline Horn, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
182 Lucy Collins George W. Collins Andrew J. Pocock
$3,000 7 Feb 1898 Seth Carroll, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
183 Charles E. Wells Friend S. Wells John F. Grass
$200 2 May 1898 Henry Morrow, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
184 Charles E. Wells John Richardson S.A. Powers
$1,500 8 June 1898 Henry Morrow, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
185 Sol A. Wood trustee L.B. Wood Orville Carver
$1,500 7 May 1898 Margaret Voorhees, Mary Voohees, Anna Voorhees John Voorhees Deceased
186 Sarah A. Whitney Frank G. Salisbury

$500 20 April 1898 Azalia S. Whitney Fanny Hanson Deceased
187 Jacob Parr John O. Parr Artemus Allen
$1,000 31 Aug 1898 Lewis F. Parr, Earl J. Parr, Irma A. Parr Gilbert O. Parr Deceased
188 Hezakiah Thomas Daniel Sunday J.W. Goodwin
$500 22 Aug 1898 Adam Lidge, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
189 Frank Gilbert Frank Chadwick D. Carlos Ransburg
$500 10 Oct 1898 Adam Lidge, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
190 Emmet A. Bratton Eugene A. Carver William Wickwire
$300 28 Nov 1898 Bessie Brown West Mert  Brown Deceased
191 Orena Frederick William E. Kinsey L. C. Dole
$1,500 4 Nov 1898 Ethel B. Sherrow, Jessie A. Sherrow, Elva M. Sherrow Franklin Sherrow Deceased
192 Alice Balding Robert Rhea James Kaufman
$700 8 Oct 1898 Maurice Balding, Bernice Balding George W. Balding Deceased
193 J. Wesley Jones William H. Hutchins A. H. Ewing
$700 19 Nov 1898 George Albert Hantz Experience Havens Deceased
194 Calvin Lash Mrs. L. M. Stuller

$500 13 Dec 1898 Emma Jane Allen Arena Newville Deceased
195 Joseph Stafford Nancy Stafford Charles W. Goodale
$100 13 Dec 1898 George Greek, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
196 Emmet A. Bratton Oscar F. Rakestraw Orville Goodale
$700 13 Dec 1898 Angie Townsend Nathan B. Townsend Deceased
197 Joseph Butler Cyrus Cline Thomas L. Gillis
$1,500 16 Dec 1898 Luzetta B. Merrill, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
198 Sarah Rathbun Fernando Rathbun Judge Cole
$200 14 Feb 1899 Mary Morley, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
199 Sol A. Wood Willis Rhoads John F. Shuman
$200 15 Feb 1899 Sumner Hughes, Porter Hughes, Rachel Hughes, Birl Hughes,
Ive Hughes
John E.  Hughes Deceased
200 Uriah L. Wambaugh Nathan D. Robinson Orville Goodale
$3,000 20 Feb 1899 Olive Gaskill, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
201 Jessie Balding John Sanders Allen Sanders
$1,200 22 Feb 1899 Forest Balding, Birdella Balding, Harry Balding George W. Balding Deceased
202 George Gilbert Lawrence Gates Joseph A. Woodhull
$100 12 April 1899 Mary Jane Blackman, Not a Minor

Unsound Mind
203 John J. Kinney Peter W. Russell Newton W. Gilbert
$3,000 15 April 1899 Daniel Wheaton Jr. Daniel Wheaton Sr. Deceased
204 Jacob H. Leas Hesekiah Leas William H. Leas
$2,000 17 April 1899 Ernest J. Fifer, Clyde Fifer, Shirley Fifer William J.  Fifer Deceased
205 Fred A. Arnold Nicholas Arnold Delbert Phillips