Addison Aldrich      
   A sad accident occurred in Pleasant Lake on Saturday last, which resulted in the death of a son of Col. Aldrich.
   About 3 o’clock in the afternoon Addison, the second son of Mr. Aldrich was sent to turn the horses from the barn to field some distance away.  Among them was a colt which he undertook leading instead of driving and either through playfullness or because the colt was too uneasy to lead well otherwise, he tied the rope halter around his body.  About 40 rods from the barn the colt commenced running and dragged the boy after him over the ground.  Twenty rods or more he ran in this way, when he stopped and commenced rearing and plunging continually tightening the rope around the poor boys body.  Again he started running 20-30 rods farther where the rope broke leaving the boy insensible.   In this condition, he was found about 6 o’clock in the evening, the rope still around him.  He was carried to the house and medical assistance provided.  The rope, after being cut from his body only measured about 15 inches.  Insensible to everything but pain, he lingered along until about 8 o’clock on Monday evening, when death relieved him of his misery.  He was buried on Wednesday, at the cemetery in this place. *More

Source: Steuben Republican Newspaper, 21 Nov 1863 p. 3 clm.1

Submitted By: Jean Ann Childers