Death Chronicle - in the Steuben Republican, Wednesday, February 13, 1884,
page 8.

We are pained to chronicle the sad death of Charles L. Beard.  He died on
the 9th inst., after one week of painful suffering.  Our neighborhood has
lost an examplary young man, our school a studious and hard working pupil,
and his bereaved parents, a dutiful son.  As we view his sad case, that his
mind had become diseased from some unknown cause, that caused him to commit
the rash act.  He had a good home and a bright prospect before him when we
consider his natural abilities.  As there has been various rumors in
circulation about what his letter that he wrote the night before he took the
poison contained.  His parents request publication, as follows:

Hamilton, Ind., February 1st, 1884. - My Dear Parents, Brothers and
Sister: - My time to leave this world is at hand.  Why should I remain here
any longer when there is no more pleasure for me?  I have lived long enough.
Life is but a burden to me, and then I am not as healthy as people suppose.
I am not well.  If I were strong and healthy my life would appear different
to me than it now does.  Whatever way I leave this world, that is, whatever
way I take my life, which I intend to do before long, you will find it our
before I close this letter.  I tell you life in this world is not pleasant
to me, but I hope to meet that brother of mine which has gone before and
crossed the dark river of death.  To all my friends and relatives and
schoolmates dear, I can say to those all farewell.  I have no hard feelings
toward any one, and to my folks, I will say, I do not regret the step that I
am about to take.  To my folks I hope that you will all be good to one
another - pa be good to ma and to the rest of you.  I hope that you all will
be good to her.  Oh, I hope you all will be good to one another.  May your
hearts be bound together in christian hope.  I shall either take poison or
take my life with some instrument of death - probably the old rifle.  As to
my future state of existence, I hope to meet all of the loved ones who have
crossed over to that beautiful land.  My funeral I want preached by A. C.
Bartlett, if possible.  If he cannot be got, get some other Disciple
preacher.  I say to my folks, farewell.  To the rest of folks of our family
who are not of Christ, I hope that you will seek an interest in him before
it is too late.  So good bye to you all, my folks and friends.   Charles L.

Note: Charles is the son of Luman H. and Jane (Rummel) Beard.

Submitted by: Loren Beard