In the Steuben Republican, Wednesday, June 8, 1887, page 4.

David A. Beard, son of Luman H. Beard, was born near Hamilton, Ind.,
November 13, 1868, and died June 4, 1887, aged 18 years 6 months and 21
days.  He died young, but "that life is long which answers life's great
end", it has been said.  Nearly two years ago David became reconciled to
God, through Christ, and obeyed from the heart that gospel which is the
power of God unto salvation, and has since lived a consistent Christian
life.  In a prayer meeting not long since, he said: "The path of the
Christian grows brighter and brighter the longer I walk in it".  Last
Saturday he, with others, was engaged in raising an old building for the
purpose of putting a wall under it.  He was digging the trench for the wall
when the building suddenly fell; he was caught and crushed under it, and
never spoke but once.  The accident occurred about 3 P.M.  The next day, at
the same hour, a great concourse of people had gathered for the last sad
rites.  How little we know what a day may bring forth!  The great number of
people present at the funeral at Hamilton attested how the sad event had
touched the community, the respect in which David was held, and the deep
sympathy felt for his family and friends in this sore bereavement.

Submitted by: Loren Beard