Was born in Wayne county, Ohio, march 18, 1829.  His parents
Emanuel and Anna [Ewing] Bigler moved from Wayne county to Richland
county, O., when he was three years old.  Sixteen years later they came
to Pleasant township,where they settled on a farm which subsequently
became the property of the subject of this sketch.  the mother died Feb.
18, 1882 and the father died in June of the same year.
        They endured many of theprivations of pioneer life and these
privtions were shared by their son as they were among the early
settlers,when the things possessed had to be labored for.
        In 1854 he married Katharine Stealy, a daughter of Elder John
Stealy who was the pioneer preacher of Pleasant township and whose farm
joined that of Emanuel Bigles's.
        To this union were born seven children the eldest daughter, Viola
Lowater, died in 1890, the Rev. B. B. Bigler of Logansport, Ind., Scott
Bigler, Spokane, Wash., Mrs. Vivian Lewis, Toledo, O., Mrs. Maud Ruckman,
Hillsdale, Mich., and Miss Augusta Bigler and Frank Bigler of Angola. 
These, together with his wife, were at his bedside when he passed to the
other world, save Scott who wasunable to be here at all.  all of his
grandchildren were present at his funeral.
        Mr. Bigler was one of the substantial farmers of the county and
by his business integrity, economy and industry and the aid of his
helpmeet he acquired an excellent farm, and in the year 1878 he was
enabled to build one of the best farm residence in the county.  His
entire life since coming to this county has been spent on his farm.  His
home and his children were his pride.  He was a good husband, a kind
father and considerate neighbor.  Endowed by nature with a refined mind
he was a genial companion.  Those who came in touch with his inner life
could but be impressed with his motto, "Speak gently, it is better far
to rule by love than fear;
speak gently, let no harsh word mar
the good we might do here."
and know how well his life embodied this sentiment.  The Christian
virtues were his... "love, joy,peace, long suffering, gentleness,
goodness, faith, meekness -- the charity that suffereth long and is kind,
that enjoyeth not, that thinketh no evil,that beareth all things."  Among
his last words were: "I aimed to be good to every one."
        He died March 27th at the good old age of 78 years and 9 days;
and on Friday, March 26th, 1907 at his late residence his funeral
occured, conducted by Elder Vernon Stauffer.

Submitted By: Joey Pedigo