Allen Payne Blackman

Allen Payne Blackman was born in the town of Dalton, Berkshire county,
Massachusetts, March 8, 1812.  He was the youngest of a family of eight
children, four boys and four girls, all of whom preceded him to that better
land.  When twenty-three years of age, he, with his family went to Genessee
county, New York.  He was united in marriage to Margaret Corbet, of Pemboke,
Genesee county, whose death occurred Feb. 25, 1886.
To them were born five children, four daughters and one son.   One daughter,
Mrs. F. R. Drury, resides in Coldwater, Mich. and two daughers, Mrs. J. P.
Turley, and Mrs. Isacc Foss, reside in Manson county, South Dakota.  The son,
W. E. lives at Fremont.  One daughter, Mrs. S.W. Allis died Oct 30, 1898.  In
1855, he with his family,came to Fremont, Ind., and settled on what is called
the  "old home."
Here he lived until death called him to that home not made with hands.  His
death occurred Nov. 20, 1899.  He was a Universalist in belief, of a reticent
disposition, kind to his family, kind to his neighbors and those who knew him
best loved him most.

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