From: Steuben Republican, Jan. 7, 1903, p. 5.

  --Will Brode died yesterday forenoon at the home of his parents in the Bee Hive, South of Hotel Hendry.  His age was 40 years.  Funeral at the M. E. church.

Jack Brode's note:
    Will was a son of Henry (who was a son of Frederick and Elizabeth) and Aurilla Brode.  Do you have any idea what the Bee Hive was?

Steuben Republican, Jan. 14, 1903, p. 5.

  -- The trustees of the Old Cemetery wish that people who have occasion to bury their dead in that place would see Jacob Stealy, the secretary, before digging graves.  The men who dug Will Brode's grave last week by mistake opened up another one.

Submitted By: Jack Brode