Will of Mrs. Adalaid Castell


   Perhaps no will ever made in Steuben county interests more people than the one made by Mrs. John Castell, and probated this morning.  After providing for the payment of all debts of herself and husband and $200 for a monument, she gives to her husband all her personal property and also the use and profit of all her real estate.  “To Stephen A. Powers, who is named in the will as executor, she gives the fee simple of all her real estate, subject to the rights of her husband as above set forth, the executor on the death of the husband to convert the property into money and distribute as follows:  To each of the following she gives $1,500:  Zada Nichols, Veva Castell, Lois Castell, Nellie Castell, Matilda J. Evans,Mary Denny, J. Stanley Castell, and Zora Stayner.  To Ray Stayner, John Stayner, William Stayner, allie Mortorff, May Rohen, Luella Rhen and Roswell Spencer each $750; to Mrs. Eaka Deal, if she continues to work in the family until after the death of Mr. Castell, she gives $2,000, and after all these bequests have been made, the residue is to be divided equally between the Methodist and Congregational churches of Angola.