This is an obit that was probably in the Auburn newspaper and my mother told
me that her grandfather died June 2, 1909:

                      DROPPED DEAD
             A.M. Caswell of this City at
                Summer Home at Lake
                      George  Monday

      With a suddenness that startles beyond
the understanding of those who have not been
placed in like position flashed the sad news over
the wire Monday morning to an only daughter, in
this city, Mrs. Frank Hogue, that her father, A. M.
Caswell, had passed away at his summer cottage
on the banks of beautiful Lake George near Fremont.
No warning had been given that the death angel was
knocking at the very door but he came unexpected
at an hour when all the world is taking on new life
for a day of labor.  He had finished his breakfast about
6 o'clock and sat back for a rest.  In a moment he fell
to the floor and all was over.  Death had done its work;
the heart had ceased to beat and push the blood longer
on its ceaseless way.  He had answered the last
      The deceased was about seventy-eight years of
age and for many years was engaged in the hardware
business at Fremont.  Last October he came to this city
with his aged companion and since that time made his
home with Mr. and Mrs. Hogue.  A few days ago they
went to the lake to spend the summer in their cottage
expecting to return in the fall and occupy the Hodge
property on Cedar street which they had purchased but
it was not to be thus.
      He leaves an aged companion, one son, A. A.
Caswell, near Fremont and one daughter, Mrs. Hogue.  
He was very fond of his little grandchild, little Miss
Frances Hogue, and the last couple of days express-
ed a great desire to see her.  To gratify this desire
Mrs. Hogue and little daughter had expected to go up
there and spend a few days.  The interment will be
at Fremont.

Alphonso M. Caswell
was born August 25, 1834; died June 21, 1909.
Funeral services will be held at the home of J. W.
Keller, Fremont, Indiana, Wednesday, June 23,
at 10:00 a.m., Rev. J. A. Billington officiating.

                   Burial in Old Cemetery.
Brother Odd Fellows will officiate as Pall Bearers.

From a card found in my mother 's things.  Her name was Frances Caswell Hogue
Browand, and this was her Grandfather.

Submitted By: Marian Browand Howell