Information from newspaper obituary for Ruth Vivian Crain found in Dessa Mae
(Sunday)Wolf's estate sale 25 Nov 2000 -

                      RUTH VIVIAN CRAIN
"Ruth Vivian, only daughter and eldest child of L. D. and Harriett Hulwick
Crain, was born near Pleasant Lake, Ind., November 17, 1920, and departed
this life at the Del Ray hospital, Detroit, Mich., October 11, 1926.
Little Vivian was of such a bright and cheerful disposition, that her
presence brought sunshine into the lives and hearts of all who knew her.
Although the home circle is broken and the vacant chair can never be filled,
her star will make the heavens more bright and will be a beacon light for
thosse of us who will follow to the place of eternal happiness.
She attended the kindegarten last year in the Lincoln Park schools and at
the terrible and sad fate, she was a pupil in the first grade.
        She leaves to mourn, mother, father, two brothers, Lewis Dean and John 
Wallace, and a host of relatives and friends.
God gave us little Vivian
  But on she could not stay,
For six short years we had her,
  She then was called away.
We surely miss our darling,
  We miss her everywhere,
And every place her feet have trod
  To us will seem more dear.
And when life's cares are over
  And we are called away
She will be there to meet us
  On the great judgment day.
Words fail to express our gratigude to those who helped to ease our aching
hearts with offerings of kindness and beautiful flowers during our sad
Especially do we than Father Peters for his consoling words.

Submitted By: Theresa Ferguson