From newspaper clipping from the estate auction of Dessa Mae (Sunday) Wolf 25
Nov 2000 -
                    "STEUBEN WOMAN BURNS TO DEATH
Mrs. Oliver Frederick Sustains terrible Burns, and Died in Great Agony a Few
Hours Later
 When Mrs. Oliver Frederick, who lived with her husband and children on the
I.D.Deller farm west of Pleasant Lake, attempted to start a fire last Friday
afternoon, by using kerosene oil, the fluid exploded, enveloping her in
flames, which later destroyed the home and caused her death a few hours
later.  Soon after dinner Mrs. Frederick was starting to do a washing and
poured the oil from a can on the fire as stated above.  She was alone in the  
house, her three children being outside, and Mr. Frederick was at the Deller
home helping with the thrashing, the Fredericks living in a tenant house
about three quarters of a mile from the Deller home.  Mrs. Frederick rushed
out of doors and her cries brought help from the neighbors, and she was taken
to the home of Joseph Frederick, her husband's father in Pleasant Lake, and
Dr. G.N.Lake called to attend her.  Her body was terribly burned excepting
her face and scalp and the flesh in many places was literally cooked.  She
remained conscious and suffered terible agony until about six o'clock in the
evening when the end came.
 Mrs. Frederick was about twenty-seven years old, and leaves three little
sons, the eldest about 5 and the youngest 1 1/2 years old.
 The home were they lived was a total loss, together with most of the
contents. Mr. and Mrs. Deller carried a joint life insurance policy for
$1,000 in the Farmer's National Life Insurance Co."

Submitted By: Theresa Ferguson