Charles B. Hanes
 His obituary of Dec. 14, 1894 (The Butler Record) says, "Chas. Hanes was born in Chautaugua county in the state of New York, June 24, 1833.  The family came west, in 1838 and settled one mile east of Butler, IN, where they have lived ever since except the last five years that have been spent in the city of Buffalo, NY.  Bro. Hanes leaves a wife, two sons and one daughter.  He was married to Mary Jane Altenburg Sept. 27, 1857.  Funeral services were held at the M.E. Church in Butler, Sunday Dec. 9, 1894 under the auspices of the Butler I.O.O.F.  The order took charge of the body on its arrival here and cared for it until the interment.  There were in the procession the Butler order of Rebekahs and I.O.O.F. with visitors from Hamilton, Waterloo, and Auburn.  The casket was covered with flowers among which was a bouquet in the shape of three links, the emblem of the I.O.O.F., presented by the Butler lodge.  The following notice of the life and death of Mr. Hanes appeared in the Buffalo Daily Mercantile Review Thursday evening Dec. 6, 1894.  It is with sincere sorrow that we are called upon to record the death of Charley Hanes, which occurred at the Hospital where he had been since the severe operation; only two weeks ago yesterday that had been reported to us the last hope of saving his life, and since which his many friends, buoyed up by the patients always cheerful condition and the favorable reports of his physicians, hoped that he might recover, but it is was not to be.  All that medical skill and most careful nursing could do was done to save his life, but the ordeal through which he was called to pass was too severe for one with his weakened constitution, and with his advanced years, lacking the vitality that a younger patient might have had, he succumbed to the inevitable yesterday afternoon, shortly after noon, his faithful wife and sons being at his bedside when the end came, Charley Hanes was one of that class of men who will be remembered in this busy world long after he has passed away of a quiet unassuming nature, there were few men who had many warmer friends than he.  For years he had been a liberal shipper of live stock to this market, and he was in every sense of the word a rigidly honest man, and no one who ever done business with him, but who held him in the highest esteem.  He formerly lived at Butler, Indiana, and several years ago entered the employ of Swope, Hughes, Waltz, & Bensread a cattle salesman.  His employers interest he regarded as his own, faithful to every trust he died honored and beloved by all that knew him.  He was about fifty-eight years of age and leaves as his direct relations, a wife, two sons and a married daughter.  The funeral services were held at the late residence of the deceased, East Buffalo this morning, by the pastor of the Glenwood Ave. Methodist Church, and was largely attended by the friends of the family.  Many handsome floral tributes from friends were upon the casket containing the remains which bore a peaceful expression, and at noon the remains were taken to the late home of the deceased; where the last funeral rites will be held on Friday."
Submitted by Roselyn  Wells