Newell Pomeroy Lewis


   Was born, January 22, 1840, at Coventry, Chenango county, state of New York, and died August 19, 1911, aged 71 years 6 months and 26 days.  He was the third child of seven born to Harvey and Elizabeth Lewis, all of whom have preceded him to the spirit land.  His parents and family moved to Steuben county in 1844 and settled on a farm in Salem township, but they soon returned to the state of New York where they remained until 1854, when they again came to Steuben county. 

   The subject of this sketch was attending school at the Orland seminary when the War of the rebellion borke out, and he enlisted in 1861, in Company A, 44th Indiana Volunteers, as a private, and remained with his company and regiment until the close of the war, and was Second Lieutenant of his company when mustered out with his regiment in 1865.  He was wounded in the battle of Shiloh, on April 6, 1862, and for the healing of this wound he came home on a short furlough.  When the war closed he returned to Steuben county which has been his home ever since.

   In 1867 he came to Angola and engaged as a clerk for A. W. Hendry & co., who were engaged in general merchandising at the time and in 1869 he went into business for himself.

   September 1, 1870, he was united in marriage with Orsavella Caroline Gale, with whom he traveled the journey of life happily until his death and she is left alone to finish the journey.

   On Fegruary 12th, 1879, having no children of their own, they adopted Grant R. Lewis, who fortunately was able to be with him an dminister to his wants during the latter days of his sickness.  Between them the chords of affection were as strong asif he had been his natural son, and he died in full faith that his widow would receive the affection an dcare of a dutiful son.

   The decedent left Angola in 1881 and was engaged in farming in Salem township for two years, when he returned to Angola where he has followed gardening ever sihnce except in 1903 and 1904, when he spent one year at Long Beach, California, as the guest of his son.

   In 1876 he was baptized by William P. Aylesworth, and has since been a member of the Christian church of Angola.

   Mr. Lewis was a kind and affectionate husband, and regarded the promise he made at the marriage altar to love and cherish her who stood by his side, as a sacred obligation.  He was an honest and upright man, a loyal citizen who tried to perform his duty to the commonwealth and never demanded office as a reward for his patriotism.  He was one of those who constitute the rank and file of our best citizenship.

   When the existence of our country was imperiled and Father Abraham called for volunteers to defend it he… his musket and took his… do or die for more to attest his loyalty to it?  The ranks of the heroes who saved our country are thinning fast, they are going to bivouac on the field of glory.  Let us as loyal citizens treat those who remain with due respect and generosity and cherish the memory of those who have gone.  J.A.W.

   Funeral services were conducted by Elder Vernon Stauffer, assisted by B. J. Crosswaite Post G.A.R., Tuesday, Aug. 22, at the late home.

[died in 1911 – jp]