Child of Christ Nisonger
Steuben Republican  28 Jun 1862, P.3 clm.1

    The family of Mr. Christ. Nisonger, living in Scott township, this county, was poisoned on last
Saturday, and one of the children died on Sunday.  The circumstances as near as we are able to learn are as follows:  Mr. Nisonger before removing his family from Kosciosko County, purchased arsenic to poison rats, and in moving to this county, he had brought the arsenic along, and in the turmoil and confusion, we suppose, did not know that he had it when he came here.  On last Saturday morning his wife hunted up her saleratus, for the purpose of making biscuit and unfortunately found the poison.  She thinking it to be saleratus used it for the biscuit.  The family ate some of the biscuit for breakfast, but, luckily, soon found out that all was not right, as it tasted bitter.  The whole family, eight in number, were soon thrown into convulsions.  Dr. Carpenter, of this place was immediately called, and he succeeded, by using strong andidotes, in saving all, but the one child.  We are happy to say that all have so far recovered as to be out of danger.  Let this be a warning to all, not to keep poison, of any kind, about the house, for you know not when you may make a similar mistake.

Submitted By: Jean Ann Childers