Well Known Doctor Dies

Dr. Mary Ritter

   Whose prominent life in this community ended by death last Friday morning.


…… and James McNeal, and one great-niece.

    A close friend uttered the following tribute, which will well express the sentiments of a great many acquaintances of Dr. Ritter.  “Dr. Ritter will long be remembered, as she went her quiet way in gracious, kindly ministry to the sick; ministry which in its broad service was to souls as well as bodies.  We remembered her today for her great courage, the unfailing cheer of her word and smile.

   “In her life the Psalmist’s words found reality ‘Jehovah, is My Strength and Song’.

   “We remembered today how she walked with us in the cool shaded depths of forests, where the songs of birds and beauty of the flowers were to her clear vision, priceless treasures.

   “Yesterday she walked with us through fields and forest.  We listened with her to the rustling of the trees, to the sweet songs of birds.  But yesterday she pointed out to us the delicate beauty of rare flowers.  Today she has gone a little way ahead.  We believe she calls to us as she goes:

   “I’m going by the Upper Road

      For that Road holds the sun;

     I’m  going through deep valleys

         Where quiet rivers run.

    If you should seek to find me

      In my old last abode

    You’ll find this writing on my door

     I’m on the Upper Road.”

   “ Today we hear the softly spoken benediction of her Lord:

   ‘Blessed are the dead, which die in the Lord from henceforth; yea sayeth the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors, and their works do follow them.’.”

Card of Thanks

   We wish to express our thanks and appreciation for all expressions of sympathy during our great bereavement in the loss of our Dr. Mary, also for the many floral offerings and cards during her long illness.

     Miss Vira Ritter

     Judson S., and Carroll Ritter

     Guy J., Edna and Robert Ritter

     Geo. J. McNeal and children

     Helen, Mary Catherine and James




   The passing of Dr. Mary T. Ritter from the life of this community calls for more than the casual attention of the news columns.  Her association with the county existed throughout her entire life, first as a child, then as a school teacher, and lastly a successful physician.  In her professional capacity to which she devoted more than thirty useful years, she acquired a reputation for distinguished skill in a field in which prejudice existed against women occupying, and by  her own efforts reached a commendable place.  Along with this busy professional life she gave much time to the useful organizations of the community. To this she added much valuable service in the personal assistance and sympathy she gave to scores of people who will miss her sadly as a friend – as a physician of the mind and soul as well as of the body.  She will long be held in grateful memory as a does of good deeds.