Information from Obituary of Ida Sams found in Dessa Mae (Sunday) Wolf's
estate sale 25 Nov 2000 -

                             IDA SAMS
"Ida Robene Sams, daughter of Earl and Nellie Sams, was born near Burroak,
Mich., July 29, 1917, died at the home of her parents in Pleasant Lake, Ind.,
Dec. 19, 1922, at the age of 5 years, 4 months and 21 days.  She had been
ailing for about two weeks and developed pneumonia which proved fatal.
She was of a patient loving disposition, always having a smile for every
one. She leaves to mour her loss a father, mother, two sisters, two brothers,
two grand fathers, two grand mothers, uncles and aunts, besides a host of
friends.  We will miss her but our loss is her gain.
Funeral services were conducted from the home Thursday afternoon, Rev. G. H.
Trinkle officiating. Burial at Mt. Zion cemetery.
Dear little hands we miss them so
All through the day wherever we go,
All through the night how lonely is seems,
For no little hands wake me out of my dreams.
We miss them all through the weary hour,
We miss them as others miss sunshine and flowers;
Day time or night time, wherever we go,
Dear little hands, we miss them so."

Submitted By: Theresa Ferguson