At his home in Otsego township, Steuben county, Ind., June 8, 1895,
George Schmeiser, aged 74 years and 8 months.

     Deceased was born in Baden, Germany, March 8, 1820.  He came to America
in 1843, and was united in marriage to Elisabeth Garman in Sept. 1849.  To
them were born five children- two sons and three daughters, the sons having
preceded him, one dying in infancy.  After his marriage he moved to Stark
county, Ohio.  In 1858 he moved to this county, and resided until death.
During his last illness he often expressed a willingness to die.  He wished
he might fall into a sweet sleep and pass away which he did.  He leaves to
mourn their loss an aged wife, three daughters, eight grandchildren and a
large circle of friends.  Funeral was conducted from Powers church by Rev.
H.C. Foote.

Note from the submitter:  George Schmeiser's full name was Johann Georg
Schmeiser.  His birthdate is listed as March 8, 1820 in the obituary, but was
actually March 4, 1821.  The spelling of his last name was changed when he
came to the USA from Schmeisser to Schmeiser.  George was the son of Joseph
Schmeisser and Maria Theresia Handel.  George's wife, Elisabeth Garman was
the daughter of Johannes Germann and Magdalena Hadern von Erlenbach.  As with
George, Elisabeth's surname was changed when she came to the USA, from
Germann to Garman.

Submitted by: James Leslie Davis