Information from Obituary for Mary Ritter found in Dessa Mae (Sunday)
Wolf's estate sale 25 Nov 2000 -

                       MARY RITTER
 "Daughter of Henry and Mary Ritter, was born November 4, 1835, in Wayne
county, Ohio, and died April 6, 1912, aged 76 years, 5 months and 2 days.  In
1851, when Mary was 16 years old, her parents removed from Wayne county, Ohio,
to Steuben county, Indiana.  In which county she has constantly resided till
day of her death.
 She was united in marriage to Andrew Sunday, Nov. 26, 1854, with whom she
happily lived until Feb. 26, 1870, when he, still in the prime of life, died,
leaving his widow with four children, the youngest of whom was Henry, being
but eight months old.  The years following the death of her husband were
fraught with trial, but that sturdy, womanly character which Mrs. Sunday was
known to possess, asserted itself and reared her children and managed her
farm, thus becoming the head of the house as well as the heart of the home.  
Mrs. Sunday was gentle, kind hearted and true, moreover, generous -- no one
was ever turned hungry from her door, and her home was noted for its
hospitality.  She had enjoyed usual good health until about four years ago,
when she became ill, since which time she had shown signs of decline, and her
dear ones knew that the verdict of years was inevitable and that the end was
not far away.  She was old in the point of years, but young in spirit,
knowing that it was an honor and not a sin for one topass the three-score and
ten milestone.  The grandest things in the universe are old -- mountains,
seas and stars are old. Unless one is older than these he need not be
ashamed.  By a rift in the clouds she saw that the sun was not where it used
to be, and that the evening was near at hand; at first she saw the shadows
fall to the west, and then to the north, and finally to the east, and then
the shadows lengthened.  She was prepared to go, having been converted over
forty years ago, and united with the German reformed church, and remained a
faithful christian to the end.
 At the Sunday home, at sunset, on the 6th of April, with her children and
loved ones keeping watch at her bed side, without a struggle she died.  Like
the sun after it is set, the light from her angel-life can be seen streaming
over the western sky, reflecting back the golden glory of garnered grain from
the garden of her Lord; like the sun, too, she is gone but for a little
while; soon we shall greet her in the early morn of that new day.
 Mrs. Sunday was the proud and fond mother of eight children, four of whom
preceded her to the better land. Those who survive are David Sunday, Mrs.
Kate Hartman, Mrs. Della Freed and Henry Sunday, with whom she made her home
and spent her declining years.  There are sixteen grandchildren and ten
great-grandchildren; two aged sisters, Mrs. Elizabeth Klink, and Mrs.
Katerine Klink.  One brother, David, having passed away some twenty years ago.
 Funeral services were held from the Mt. Zion U.B. church, April 9, 1912,
Rev. G. Elmer Landen officiating.  Burial in cemetery near by."

Submitted By: Theresa Ferguson