From the Steuben Republican June 18,1930 Col. 3&4
Mary Henney Watters
    Mary Henney Watters was born in Wayne county, Ohio near Akron, on June 28 1844 and died in Fremont, Ind., June 3 1930, aged 85 years, 11 months and 5 days. She was the eldest of nine children born to Anna Houseman Henney and Daniel Henney, all of whom preceded her in death, except the youngest brother, Daniel W. Henney, of Chicago, who now mourns her loss.
    Her girlhood days were spent in Ohio, near where she was born, and she was confirmed in the Evangelical Lutheren church in her 18th year. She was married to James Watters in October ,1865, in her 21st year. For about a year following their marriage they lived near Akron, but in 1866 they moved to a farm in Steuben county (the rest is cut off)
Her husband preceded her in death.
The obit is cut off so I only got the left side of the obit, but still enough info to help someone doing research on these families.
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