Willie Weamer
Died - On the 20th inst., of scarlet fever, Willie, only son of R. H. and Ella Weamer, aged four years.  Again the angel of death has been among us.  On last Sabbath little Willie, after an illness of five days closed his eyes in that peaceful slumber that knows no waking.  Only one short week ago he was full of life and promise.  May he who tempers the wind to the shorn lamb help the afflicted parents to bear this bereavement and find consolation in the knowledge that their darling child is beyond the reach of sins, trials, and afflictions of this world. 

Source: Steuben Republican Newspaper, 23 Feb 1870 p.3 c.4 * Poem on 2 May 1870 p.3 c.3

Submitted By: Jean Ann Childers
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