Josiah Weaver

Killed by Indians   From a letter in the hands of Mr. W. H. Jenkins, we learn that Mr. Josiah Weaver formerly of this place, was killed by Indians, while en route for the mines of Montana, a few weeks since.  The circumstances of the case, as near as we could ascertain them from the letter was as follows;  The boat on which Mr. Weaver had taken passage had stopped for the purpose of taking in wood and he together with other passengers left the boat to take a stroll on the bluffs while they were detained.  On leaving the boat the parties separated in the undergrowth which lined the river banks, and when the signal was given for starting, all returned except Mr. Weaver, who could not be found; and as shots had been heard in the direction he had taken, and the Indians seen lurking along the river, they were forced to the conclusion that he had wondered to far from the boat and the Indians had killed him.  After waiting as long as there was any hope of his return, the boat preceded on its way.  Waterloo City Press    Mr. Weaver was for years a resident of this place and in company with his brother Jonathan established the Angola Grist Mill, in which the latter is at present interested.  The numerous friends of Mr. Weaver in this locality will read with regret the news of his untimely and unnatural death.                   

Source: Steuben Republican Newspaper, 5 Aug 1869 p.2 c.2

Submitted By: Jean Ann Childers