STEUBEN REPUBLICAN, Wednesday, November 18, 1891, page 8, column 3

ORLANDO WILDER was born in Sandy Creek, Oswego County, N.Y.,
November 25, 1815, leaving there at the age of 18, when the family
moved to Hudson, Portage County, Ohio. They lived there eight months
and in February, 1836, his father and the others of the family
started for Indiana, arriving in March, but he did not reach here
until a week later, having to bring a load of household goods with
an ox team, leading a cow behind the wagon. Reaching this place they
located where the old homestead now is, buying the land of the
government. He united with the church at the age of 13, and was,
with his father, mother and brother William, one of the constituent
members of the church organized at Jackson Prairie in June 1836. He
was one of the pioneers of Millgrove and one of the founders of
"Vermont Settlement," and endured all the hardships incident to the
settlement of a new country. By hard work and economy (not
parsimony) he accumulated a competency. He was extremely liberal
with the means with which God had abundantly blessed him, liberal to
the church, to the sanitary commission during the war, to home and
foreign missions and to the poor and needy around him. But
comparatively few of his good works are known, for he was a man who
never boasted of his charities. What is known has been told by the
recipients of his bounty. He literally obeyed the injunction, "Let
not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth." He was united in
marriage to Ursula Humphrey, January 14, 1844, and his bereaved
widow and two children, E. A. Wilder and Mrs. Eva Rose, survive him.
One brother, G. K. Wilder, and one sister, Mrs. Sarah A. Fox, are
all that are left of his father's family. He died on the old
homestead Nov. 8, 1891, aged 75 years, 11 months and 18 days. In his
home, in the church and in the neighborhood he will be greatly
missed and will be "evermore remembered by what he has done."
Funeral services were held at his late residence conducted by his
pastor, Rev. D. Q. Travis, and not withstanding the severe storm,
was largely attended by sympathizing friends, and he was laid to
rest in the Carlton cemetery. To the widow and other surviving
friends, we, as a community, extend our heartfelt sympathy, but we
know what is their loss is his eternal gain.


This information was obtained from "Cemeteries of Steuben County,
Ind., 1990" by Audree Siebel Lewis, Vol I, pages 278, 658; Vol II,
pages 1555, 1557, 1948, 1949, 1950. There may be other siblings and
children who were not buried in Steuben County, Indiana.

Orlando Wilder was the eldest son of William and Mary (Breed)
Wilder. He married Ursula A. Humphrey who was born in Victor, N.Y.,
on 23 Dec 1821. She died in Steuben County, Indiana, in 1906.

Some of their children:

Edson Adelman Wilder, 16 Apr 1845 - 09 Apr 1927, married Julia
E. (Edgar), 09 Feb 1854 - 29 Aug 1930, daughter of Philip and Ellen
(Blakeslee) Edgar Richards.
Eva Alida (Wilder) Rose, 18 Aug 1852 -28 Feb 1928, married
Milton Timothy Rose.
Luman H. Wilder, born about 30 Sep 1859 - died 31 July 1856,
age 1 year, 10 months.
All of the above are buried at Greenlawn Cemetery, Steuben Co., Ind.

Some of Orlando's siblings:

Sarah Ann (wilder) Carleton Fox, 16 Jul 1820 - 10 Aug 1894. 1st
husband was Dr. Peter C. Carleton. 2nd husband was Henry Fox. She is
buried at Carleton Cemetery, Steuben County, Ind. The cemetery was
named for her 1st husband.
Mary A. Wilder, 22 Jul 1822 - 16 Dec 1844, buried at Carleton
George Kendrick Wilder, 1828 - 1897, married Harriet N. (Luce)
Wilder, 1841-1913. Both buried at Greenlawn Cemetery, Steuben Co.
Charles H. Wilder, 1833 - 1882. 1st wife was Betsey J. (Smith)
Wilder. 2nd wife was Jennie (Casper) Wilder. Charles is buried at
Greenlawn Cemetery, Steuben County, Indiana.
Helen Maria Wilder, 13 Jul 1837 - 23 Jul 1838. Buried at
Carleton Cemetery, Steuben County, Indiana.

Submitted By: Mona Hilden-Beckwith