Past Town News

March 20, 1901

Source: The Steuben-Republican Newspaper, 20 Mar 1901.

Pleasant Lake - Kate Fuller of Chesterton is visiting her sister Mrs. Minnie Huffman.  The R.F.D. mail carriers are being fed maple sugar by the patrons these days.  Worthy Tuttle went to New York City Saturday to join Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show as a muscian in the Cowboy Band.  This is his second year in the best band traveling.   Earl Tuttle and Lulu Cogswell were married at the home of the bride’s parents in Pleasant Lake, 12 Mar 1901 by Rev. J. S. Smith.  *Obituary of Magdalena Fetterhoff.

Orland- Thomas Haines and wife spent part of last week in Salem with their son Del Haines and family.  Mrs. Fannie Paxon, Mother of George Jackman, who was reported dangerously ill last week, is reported better at present.  Mrs. Inez Mock and children near Honey Lake, were guests of her Mother, Mrs. Carrie Pendall part of last week.
Fremont- Miss Anna Myers closed her school in Ray last Friday.  Ford Follett, E.B. Follett’s third boy has a notion to join the navy and will start soon in New Jersey for training.
Locals- We can eat eggs now they have come down in price to $1.00 per hundred.  Marriage licences issued this week for Abe Ralston and Addie Sowle, Henry Jackman and Belle Kogin.
Crooked Creek- Mrs. Patience Gray received a letter lately from her daughter Mrs. Laura Williams of Marion, Michigan, saying their home and contents had been destroyed by fire.
Ellis- School commenced in the Starr and Woodworth school houses Tuesday.  Mrs. Ethel Chard is visiting her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thompson, southeast of Angola.  Mrs. G.Cassel has been visiting with her sister, Mrs. Frank Ellis of Bethel, Michigan and reports the arrival of a 10 pound baby boy born 9 Mar 1901.
Gage- Born 17 Mar 1901 to Mr. and Mrs. David Musser, a daughter.  Mrs. Lottie Rowe of Camden spent last Friday with her Mother, Mrs. Vanscoit.  Nellie Evans of Coldwater, Michigan is visiting her sisters, Madge Sunday and Zoe Burk.   
S. Jamestown-On the sick list are Samuel Herald, Alva Spangle, and Matilda Hutchins.
Nevada Mills-T.E. Lucas is erecting a private phone from his home to his farm South of Orland.  The funeral of Maria Collins took place at the Collins School.  
Salem Center- Ralph Ousterhout is running his furnature shop night and day in order to have Frank Hughes furnature ready for him by April 1.  Mr. Singer is now down with the smallpox at the home of Mr. Warner.  Mr. Singer helped to care for Mr. Warner when he was sick with the same disease. *Obituary of Mildred Dewitt.

Metz- Born to Fred Fast and wife, 14 Mar 1901, a son.  Evilo Gaskill has been visiting for the last few days with her uncle Ford Norris in Hillsdale.
Flint- Arlie Gleason moves to the Fisk farm near Pleasant Lake, this week and Frank Clark of Hudson moves here.  Mrs. George Cleveland remembers very well seeing the Prince of Whales now King of England at Bucyrus, Ohio in 1860.  

Hamilton- J. B. Zeigler and wife visited her brother I.A. Hathaway and family at Hudson last Sunday.  Mortimer Sharp and family moved into Mrs. Eleanor Dirrim’s house recently vacated by Frank Lockamire. * Death notice of William Fee’s wife.
Births- Born 18 Mar 1901 to Dewitt Ewers and wife, a daughter and second child.  In Fremont T., 17 Mar 1901 to Joseph Stroh and wife, a son and 6th child.  

Marriages- At the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wright in Otsego T., 16 Mar 1901, Ora Eddy of DeKalb County and Miss Bertha Wright, W.H. Keyes officiating.  

Justice of the Peace- R.F. Roads- Millgrove; W.L. Balch - Fremont; Daniel Grigg - York; Nelson J. Letts - Scott; James Turkey - Pleasant; Israel Kemery - Pleasant; John Cobert - Jackson; S.E. Ousterhout - Jackson; A.G. Parsell - Salem; Frank Dreher - Salem; F. M. Kelley - Steuben; E.L. Headley - Steuben; J. W. Thomas - Otsego; John W. Goodale - Richland; Albert Morley - Richland. 

Administrators Appointment - Estate of Anna L. Osborn  

Notice of Petition to Sell - Estate of Dexter Robbins  

Administrators Sale - Estate of Jane R. Smith

Submitted by: Jean Ann Childers