Past Town News

August 22, 1900

Source: The Steuben-Republican Newspaper, 22 August 1900.
Pleasant Lake - Born Saturday, 18 Aug 1900, to Frank Tuttle and wife a son. Mrs. George Stevens of
Elkhart is visiting her parents, Lester Gilbert and wife. Miss Artie Deller, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Deller and Fred Fastof Metz, son of ex-sherriff Allen Fast, were married by Rev. J.S. Smith Thursday evening 16 Aug 1900, at 8 o’clock in the presence ofa fewrelatives.

-  Carl Jackman and Will Thompson have lately joined the town band.    Mrs. Ida Long of Brighton, Indiana will spend the week with her aunt Ida Giles.    Mrs. Sherman Fair spent last week with her parents, Silas Goodrich and wife at Matteson. Mrs. Hattie Wilder accompanied her brother, Hon.Cyrus G. Luce to the Old Settlers meeting in Angola last Thursday. Mrs. Caroline Newton and Mrs. Amanda Barrows also attended. Hudson -  Mrs. Frank Ritter of Pioneer, Ohio is visiting her Mother Mrs.Free. Ada Ketchun is visiting her uncle William Grieves, near Orland this week.  The Mother of John Shoemaker died at her home north of town Sunday afternoon. Nellie Marie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Hafer died Thursday noon, aged 4 months. Funeral held at the M.E. Church Friday afternoon, Rev. Barton officiating.

Fremont-  Mrs. Charles Persing of Kimmel, Indiana with her children, are visiting her parents Nicholas
Chambers and wife. A son of Irving McNall, of Kinderhook has come into town and taken one of our fair daughters to wife, Miss Floy Greek.

Local and Personal
- Mrs. Carl Jeffery and baby of near Orland , came here Sunday for a weeks visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Ireland. Marriage Licences have been issued to Charles A. Wyman and Sarah Grundy, Fred Leonardson and Myrtle Derthick. F.H. Ramsey has received from Hong Kong, China the sad news of the death of his brother Joseph. He served 12 years in the Royal Artillery of the English Army. During the last 10 years, he was on police duty. He saw service in Egypt, and was engaged in the siege of Alexandria.

Harry, son of Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Ettlinger, and Miss Pearl Palmer were married at the home of the bride in Sedalla, Missouri, August 10th.Harry’s many friends here rejoice at his good fortune. Fifty civil cases are on the docket for the next term of court, ten of them being divorce cases as follows: Calvin H. Ramsey vs. Alma Ramsay, Bessie Walker vs Hallet Walker, Lucy Teegardin vs Charles Teegardin, Zoe L. Thomson vs Frank G.Thomson, Arthur Anspaugh vs Ruth Anspaugh, Elijah Sierer vs Hattie Sierer,Josie Griffith vs Shirley Griffith, Lena Stayner vs John C. Stayner, Maggie Bowman vs Frank Bowman, Hugh B. Loney vs Bertha Loney.

Crooked Creek- Charles Davis and wife of Gilead, Michigan visited his sister, Mrs. A. Gray last Monday.

York- Jennie Price of Charlevoix, Michigan is a guest of her sister, Mrs. Clara Williamson.

Gage- We congratulate Jay Abbott and wife on the arrival at their home of a 9 pound baby girl. This is the second child and was born 16 Aug 1900.

Nevada Mills- Mr. Patterson of Waterloo, is visiting his daughter, Etta Bachelor and family.

Salem Center- Ross Courtwright and Myrtie Weaver were quietly married last Saturday. The only child of David Freed died Friday morning, funeral at Mt. Zion. Born to D.M.Butler and wife, 18 Aug 1900, a girl. Also to J.E.Paub and wife, 19 Aug, a girl.

Flint- Rose Merritt visited Lela Sutton at South Scott last week andattended the yearly meeting.

Hamilton- Ellias Kepler, a wealthy farmer, died at his home, three miles northof Butler, 14 Aug 1900. The remains will be interred in the Hamilton Cemetery. *ObituaryofCornelia Sherman, wife of Henry Hinman and John V. May.

South Jamestown- Viva Osborn of Coldwater, visited her cousin Blanch Cory Sunday. Robert Clark
and family of Fremont visited his sister, Mrs. A.M.Cory lastweek.

North Otsego - Born 16 Aug 1900 to Chester Burch and wife, a son and second child. Mrs. Marion Vaughn and daughter Rosa, of Pleasant Lake, visited her daughter, Mrs. Cass Smith and family last week.

Submitted by: Jean Ann Childers