Past Town News

February 25, 1903

Source: Steuben Republican Newspaper, 25 Feb 1903, 100 years ago.

Births  In Angola, IN, 17 Feb 1903 Ralph Max, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Williamson, weight 8 lbs.

Obituaries for Jonas Mountz, Mary Estella Fry, Hannah M. Gilbert

Helmer  - A short time ago the three Stiffee brothers, the two Strawser brothers, Len Hovarter and Monroe Shade made an afternoon coon hunt in Alvin Deetz’s woods, cut a large maple tree and captured two coons.  The sequel will be, the boys must cut the tree into saw logs and stove wood.

Salem Center - A baby girl came to live with C. Ringler and wife last week.  The Wood School has been closed the last three weeks on account of mumps.  J. D. DeWitt will be a salesman in Leon Freygang’s buggy house this summer.

Pleasant Lake - Born to Chap Lemmon and wife Monday, February 23, 1903, a daughter.  Mrs. Villa Hogle of Butler, visited her sister, Mrs. George Weaver last week.  Grandma Shaffer moved Monday to the home of her daughter, Mrs. John Crampton.  Victor Gilbert has resigned his position as mail carrier and will move upon his fathers farm near Metz.  Esther Lasher attended the lodge of the Ancient Order of Gleaners at Flint, Saturday night and spent Sunday with her aunt Mrs. Wiggins, West of Angola.

Local - David K. Swift of Otsego was a welcome caller at our office last Saturday.  He is not well and has not been for a number of years.  We remember, however, when he was a sprightly lad and played the snare drum when Ebenezer Hoadley drilled the militia at Metz before the opening of the Civil War.  John Bevington and Dennis Burk were the fifers, Mr. Swift, Eli Burk and William Austin played the snare drums and Colonel Wells and Dow Austin the bass.  Mrs. Lauren Smith delightfully entertained the “Jolly Dozen Club” at a 6 o’clock dinner last Friday evening.  The dinner was given in honor of Mrs. Frank Weir, who is to leave in a few days for her home in Chicago.  Mrs. Dodge, and Mrs. Chas Harmon not being able to be present, Mrs. Ella Mitchell and Mrs. May Morgan were present to complete the dozen.  Mrs. Weir’s name will be placed on the honorary list, and her place will be filled by Mrs. Lillie Dilworth.

Metz - John Sutton put in a phone for Glida Sickles last week.  Jacob Sickles of Angola has been visiting here a few days.

Nevada Mills - There was a surprise party for Mary Tubbs Saturday night at the home of her parents.  The evening was spent in playing flinch and ping-pong.  Apples and popcorn were served.   Orrin Morse and wife visited with Norman Sims and family Saturday.

Lake Gage - Joseph Butler has been appointed administrator of the Albert McKibben Estate.  A sleigh load of Gage young people were the guests of Fremont Bachelor of Nevada Mills Thursday evening.

Nettle Lake - Wm Briner and wife visited last Friday with their daughter Mrs. Charles Bates.  Mrs. Howard Thomas of Angola, came last Monday to spend a week with her sister Mrs. Emma McClillan.  Dan Haley returned from the Wood Hospital in Angola, Wednesday, where he submitted to an operation on one of his toes.  Mrs. Isaac Bartlow and two sons Ira and Peter, with Mrs. Jane Chase, spent Friday at the home of Harvey Bartlow in Scott.

Otsego - Mrs. Cass Smith has spent several days near Pleasant Lake with her mother Maria Vaughn, who is very sick with no hopes of recovery.

Fremont - Mrs. Libbie Cable of Fort Wayne is visiting her sister Mrs. Boor.  Mrs. Steadman died Thursday morning at the home of her Mother Mrs. Jay Bronson.  Funeral Services were held at the home Monday.

Pleasant View - Mrs. S. U. Doudt is still quite ill.  E. J. Doudt is getting out the timber for his barn.  Mrs. Henry Bodie has closed her school the week while they are getting settled in their new home.

Hudson - Mr. Langley of Bryon, Ohio has been visiting his uncle William Day and family the past week.  Mrs. Ketchum and daughters Bertha and Ada spent Sunday in Pleasant Lake.

Submitted by: Jean Ann Childers