Past Town News

November 26, 1902

Source: Steuben Republican Newspaper, 26 Nov 1902.

N. Otsego - Dot Gifford and wife visited his uncle Albert Beard and wife at Ellis last Sunday.  Eugene Burch and wife visited her sister, Mrs. Sophia Dally and family at Hamilton last Sunday.  Mrs. Linnie Strauss recently visited her grandmother, Mrs. M. A. Mabrey and other relatives at E. Gilead, MI.  Alfred Lacey and family of Angola, Mrs. Sarah Lacey of Pleasant Lake and a number of other relatives including all their children ate Thanksgiving turkey with John Mortorff and wife last Sunday.

Nettle Lake - Mrs. Henry Parrott in Edon is assisting in the care of her brother O. B. Johnson, who is not expected to live.  Mrs. Margaret Dick has been very ill for a few days with heart trouble.  Her daughter Mrs. Jennie Zeigler, of Fort Wayne is here helping to care for her.

Gage -Leon Rowley and wife recently visited her parents William Nisonger and wife.  Marshall Willennor, Henry Stury, Don Dickerson and Avery Fisher were Gage visitors, Saturday and Sunday.

Nevada Mills
- Mrs. Ira Bowerman and daughter Opal and Mrs. Jane Bowerman visited with the family of Orrin Morse Saturday.  On Thanksgiving evening at the home of Harley Webb, there will be an oyster supper given by the Ladies Aid.  There will be plenty of other good things to eat for those that do not care for oysters.  Supper 15 Cents.

Orland - Mrs. Nichols, and daughter Mrs. Emma Clark, will spend this week with her daughter Mrs. Lizzie Turner in Gilead.

Fremont - George Sheets is very sick.  Born 23 Nov 1902 to Bert Hilton and wife a son.  Born 25 Nov 1902 to James Van Nyce and wife a son.  Marshal Sunday and Carrie Rathbun, east of town were recently married by Rev. Reichelderfer.  Mrs. John Geedy and daughter Bessie spent last week with her brother Prof. Clark at Frontier, MI.

York - Mrs. T. S. Rowe of Camdon visited her mother Mrs. John Krider one day last week.  Samuel Davis and wife visited over Sunday with their daughter Mrs. M. Cox in Butler.  Eli Rinehart and wife spent Sunday with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Hanna at Pleasant Lake.

Metz - Born 21 Nov 1902 to Ed Hand and wife a daughter.

Hamilton - H. Doty and wife of Ashley spent Sunday with her parents A. McClich and wife.  Mrs. W. Gilbert of Angola spent part of last week with her sister Mrs. John Dargue.

Flint - Mrs. Pocock of Orland visited Mrs. Arnold Thursday.  Born to Mr. and Mrs. Harlie Merritt a daughter, Sunday 16 Nov 1902.  Richard Wade of White Pigeon and Joseph Stead of Mongo, are visiting Mrs. Crandall and other relatives here this week.

Pleasant Lake -Born to John Crain and wife a son 19 Nov 1902.  Married at U. B. Parsonage last Wednesday evening by the pastor, Shirley Sunday and Miss Ethel Gilbert.  they were given a reception at the grooms parents, Thursday evening.  Tuesday night of last week, thieves entered Harry Weaver’s cellar and carried away 20 quarts of fruit. They entered through the cellar window and made their exit through the door.  Mrs. Weaver heard quite a loud noise and thinks they must have run against the furnace pipes. She awakened her husband, and while he was slipping down the stairs after his zoloo, stubbed his toe, the noise of which they think frightened the thieves away.  Mr. Weaver says he is fixed for them now.

Obituaries - Mary A. Wilkinson, daughter of Charles Wilkinson; Alanson Wellington Hendry (picture); George Fox (picture)

A Mild Winter Sale                                G. W. Kirk                             Sat. Nov 29 to Sat. Dec. 13 
Work Block                         Grocery Dept.                                        Angola, Indiana
Edon  or Fremont Flour .50      3 lb Sweet Cuba Tobac  1.00    XXXX Coffee ..10       Canned Corn .08
Shredded Wheat Biscuits.10     5 lb Banner Rolled Oats  .22     1 lb Red Salmon .10    Yeast Foam  .10
20 lb Granulated Sugar 1.00     1 gal. Canned Peaches .35         1000 Matches .05       Bleaching Blue .10
21 lb Soft White Sugar 1.00     1 qt. Apple Butter or Jelly .10   1 gal Table Syrup .35

Submitted by: Jean Ann Childers