Past Town News

August, 1901

Source:  Steuben - Republican Newspaper, Angola, IN 7 Aug 1901.

Nevada Mills - Frank Root spent Sunday with his Aunt Mrs. S. Parker. Iola Bachelor accompanied Lillian Morse to the Buffalo Exposition. Arthur and Harley Webb, accompanied by their wives, went to the exposition last week.

Gage - Charles Squires is again ill and confined to his bed. Mary Tubbs has returned to Angola for a few weeks visit with relatives. Mrs. Butler wishes to inform her friends that she is not drowned as was reported.

Orland - William Harding of Butler, Indiana and nephew A. B. Jeffery and son Carl left the first of the week for a bicycle trip to the southern part of the state. Charles Twichell writes home that he arrived safe and sound at his destination at Kingston, Texas and enjoyed the trip very much, but was twenty pounds lighter for the journey which he made on his bicycle.

Flint - Fred and Grover Brown drove over to Coldwater Sunday to visit their uncles Lorenzo and George Brown. Mrs. James Mann visited at James Brown’s part of last week. David Benninghoff has bought of Dr. Bowen the old hotel property and the carpenters have commenced work on repairs. He will run a hotel and meat market.

Hamilton - Forty-one uninvited guests called at the home of Mrs. T. H. Dirrim last Monday evening on her 80th birthday. They were kindly received and entertained by the hostess. Charles Dunk and wife visited her sister, Mrs. V. N. Briner and family at Orland last Saturday. Mrs. Briner and her sister Lovina returned with them to the home of their parents, Frank Farley and wife.

Page - Gertie Hauver of Angola is visiting her cousin Mrs. Worthy Thomas. Ed Rugg and family of Lansing are visiting Mrs. Rugg’s mother Mrs. Beech.

Pleasant Lake - Ruth Ransburg of Fort Wayne is visiting here. Lena and Rena Shoulters of Garrett are visiting Mrs. Lillie Stone and Emma Dayhuff. The annual Fetterhoff family reunion will meet at the home of Frank G. Gilbert, August 22.

Hudson - Mrs. Ona Hess of Hamilton is visiting her parents Samuel Harpham and wife. Mrs. Sarah Fink and children from Ohio are visiting her parents George Libey and wife and other friends here.

Otsego Center - Dell Armsbaugh and Nellie Dalley went to Detroit on an excursion Sunday. J. Knight and family of Pleasant Lake, visited last Thursday with Frank Eber and family.

Fremont - Mrs. Ansley and son, who have been visiting her brother Rev. W. W. Landis of Pioneer have returned home. The carpet bug is the subject of discussions at all gatherings of ladies in town these days.

Sowle Settlement - Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler of Chicago are visiting at Fred Schneiders. Mrs. Wheeler being a sister of Fred. They all spent a few days last week camping at Lake James.

Salem Center - Born Friday, August 2, 1901 to Porter Hughes and wife, a son. A. E. Emerson and Mother Mrs. Ashbaugh, and J. D. Dewitt attended Hillsdale College Day at Island Park, last week.

York - Mr. and Mrs. John Cox visited her parents in Bethel, Michigan last week. Daniel Knisely of Waterloo, Indiana was the guest of his brother J. B. Knisely part of last week.

South Jamestown - Mrs. Ward Filo of Flint, visited her son Alva Spangle over Sunday. M. R. Clark and family of Fremont is spending a week with his sister Mrs. Fred Cory and family.

Metz - Mrs. Jones visited her brother and sister John Trowbridge and Cyrena Burch a few days last week and returned to Waterloo last Monday accompanied by Bertha and Bernice Williams.

Crooked Creek - The funeral of Lorenzo Cornish was held at the church last Tuesday. He died at the home of his daughter Mrs. Granville Ward, near Fremont, age 69 years 2 months and 15 days old.

Died: Elmer Sutton, son of George and Margaret Sutton.

Married: Mr. Robert Dixon of Angola and Miss Mabel Wyckoff of Hicksville, Ohio.

Obituary: Arza Clyde Rathbun, son of La Fayette and Laura Rathbun of Nevada Mills.

Notice of Settlement of Estate: James A. Krum

Submitted by: Jean Ann Childers