Record of Physician License no. 1

Steuben County, IN

These entries come from the Record of Physician License No. 1, Steuben County, Indiana.

This is a complete listing
contained in the book. Each image is the scanned record from the book.
 Please note that there could be mistakes because the handwriting is sometimes hard to read.

The original book is now located in the Reference Department of the Carnegie Public Library of Steuben County, Indiana.

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Submitted By: Cheryl Gleason

Page First Name Last Name Image
1 Hugh D. Wood Wood-Hugh.JPG
1 Emanuel R. Leas Leas-Emanuel.JPG
2 William C. Weicht Weicht-William.JPG
2 William H. Waller Waller-William.JPG
3 Marion F. Shaw Shaw-Marion.JPG
3 Maurice M. Bowen Bowen-Maurice.JPG
4 Martin V. Ransburg Ransburg-Martin.JPG
4 John F. Cameron Cameron-John.JPG
5 David N. E. Brown Brown-David.JPG
5 Stephen U. Fuller Fuller-Stephen.JPG
6 T. Ray Morrison Morrison-TRay.JPG
6 Theophilus E. Briny Briny-Theophilus.JPG
7 James F. Wallace Wallace-James.JPG
7 Charles W. Goodale Goodale-Charles.JPG
8 Lyman Abbott Abbott-Lyman.JPG
8 Thomas B. Williams Williams-Thomas.JPG
9 Joseph L. Hagerty Hagerty-Joseph.JPG
9 Frank C. Hamilton Hamilton-Frank.JPG
10 James J. Wilkinson Wilkinson-James.JPG
10 Elisha S. Robinson Robinson-Elisha.JPG
11 Daniel W. Fenton Fenton-Daniel.JPG
11 Edward B. Simmons Simmons-Edward.JPG
12 John H. Moore Moore-John.JPG
12 George  Keeslar M. D. Keeslar-George.JPG
13 Edward A. Taylor Taylor-Edward.JPG
13 T. F. Wood Wood-TF.JPG
14 George W. Noble M. D. Noble-George.JPG
14 James G. Cameron Cameron-James.JPG
15 Milton J. Bolan Bolan-Milton.JPG
15 P. P.  Sanborn Sanborn-PP.JPG
16 Fairfield Snyder Snyder-Fairfield.JPG
16 Theodore McNabb M. D. McNabb-Theodore.JPG
17 Sol A. Woody M. D. Woody-Sol.JPG
17 Samuel Scholfield Scholfield-Samuel.JPG
18 Z. W.  Shepherd M. D. Shepherd-ZW.JPG
18 J. C.  Kimsey Kimsey-JC.JPG
19 Albert Hathaway Hathaway-Albert.JPG
19 John L. Fierstone Fierstone-John.JPG
20 William Bevier Bevier-William.JPG
20 Samuel A. Thomas Thomas-Samuel.JPG
21 Anson R. Brown Brown-Anson.JPG
21 Howard M. Byall Byall-Howard.JPG
22 Mark T. Clay Clay-Mark.JPG
22 D. Cargill Mitchell Mitchell-D.JPG
23 George N. Wright Wright-George.JPG
23 Alva J. Kimmel Kimmell-Alva.JPG
24 Nelson H. Henderson Henderson-Nelson.JPG
24 Aaron B. Mathews Mathews-Aaron.JPG
25 McKendree Green Green-McKendree.JPG
25 Edwin R. Stauffer Stauffer-Edwin.JPG
26 Charles R. Keyes  Keyes-Charles.JPG
26 Edward A. Cander Cander-Edward.JPG
27 Blair Hagerty Hagerty-Blair.JPG
27 David O. Fruth Fruth-David.JPG
28 George W. Mangus Mangus-George.JPG
28 O. F.  Rudolph Rudolph-O.JPG
29 Carrius M. Dalph Dalph-Cassius.JPG
29 P. H. S. Lynch Lynch-P.JPG
30 William H. Lane Lane-William.JPG
30 Lafayette Schiedler Schiedler-Lafayette.JPG
31 Hugh   Upton Upton-Hugh.JPG
31 Almanza M. Helum Helum-Almanza.JPG
32 Fred Shuman Shuman-Fred.JPG
32 Jonathan Miller Miller-Jonathan.JPG
33 Nathan J. Andrews Andrews-Nathan.JPG
33 Jonathan Miller Miller-Jonathan2.JPG
34 Nathan J. Andrews Andrews-Nathan2.JPG
34 Columbus M. Pickett Pickett-Columbus.JPG
35 Francis I. Rupright Rupright-Francis.JPG
35 William  Dullaw Dullaw-William.JPG
36 William E. Sherron Sherron-William.JPG
36 Charles Palmer Palmer-Charles.JPG
37 Harry W. Wertz Wertz-Harry.JPG
37 Newton Baldwin Baldwin-Newton.JPG
38 George Willard Kishpaugh Kishpaugh-George.JPG
38 Effie M. Obemiller Obemiller-Effie.JPG
39 Orlando B. Longenecker Longenecker-Orlando.JPG
39 William F. Hocking Hocking-William.JPG
40 Charles McKillen McKillen-Charles.JPG
40 Alanson U. Kiley Kiley-Alanson.JPG
41 Marshall Beaty Beaty-Marshall.JPG
41 Francis Marion Frazier Frazier-Francis.JPG
42 Samuel Pagin Pagin-Samuel.JPG
42 Samuel Pagin Pagin-Samuel2.JPG
43 Henry A Nichols Nichols-Henry.JPG
43 Marion E. Blair Blair-Marion.JPG
44 Oliver H. Gibbs Gibbs-Oliver.JPG
44 Frederick B. Dunnigan Dunnigan-Frederick.JPG
45 Thomas E. Burgess Burgess-Thomas.JPG
45 Frank B. Humphreys Humphreys-Frank.JPG
46 William C. Cameron Cameron-William.JPG
46 J. A. Francis Francis-J.JPG
47 E. H.  Griswold Griswold-E.JPG
47 Calvin Weiduer M. D. Weiduer-Calvin.JPG
48 Thomas J. Creel Creel-Thomas.JPG
48 Jared Spooner Spooner-Jared.JPG
49 Pyrl H. Gunsaillus Gunsaillus-Pyrl.JPG
49 Haley L. Cunningham Cunningham-Haley.JPG
50 Melvin M. Acker Acker-Melvin.JPG
50 James E. Ott Ott-James.JPG
51 William Rush Cowden Cowden-William.JPG
51 Andrew S. Smith Smith-Andrew.JPG
52 George E. Pewton Pewton-George.JPG
52 John Leland Dunkel Dunkel-John.JPG
53 Anna H. Rakestraw Rakestraw-Anna.JPG
53 John B. Swabey Swabey-John.JPG
54 James Lawson Riley Riley-James.JPG
54 George W. Carpenter Carpenter-George.JPG
55 Cornelius H. Woodcox Woodcox-Cornelius.JPG
55 P. Norman Sutherland Sutherland-P.JPG
56 Clair Lacey Ingalls Ingalls-Clair.JPG

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