Register of Physicians and Accoucheurs

Steuben County, IN

These entries come from the Register of Physicians and Accoucheurs, Steuben County, Indiana.

This is a complete listing
contained in the book. Each image is the scanned record from the book.
 Please note that there could be mistakes because the handwriting is sometimes hard to read.

The original book is now located in the Reference Department of the Carnegie Public Library of Steuben County, Indiana.

Submitted By: Cheryl Pocock Gleason

First Name Last Name Image
Lyman Abbott Page A
Melvin M. Acker Page A
Nathan J. Andrews Page A
M.  Beaty Page B
I .E. Beiry Page B
George L. Bennitt Page B
M. E. Blair Page B
J .B. Blue Page B
M. M. Bowen Page B
D .N .E.  Brown Page B
John C. Brown Page B
Thomas Earl Burgess Page B
H. M.  Byall Page B
J. G. Cameron Page C
John  Franklin Cameron Page C
William C. Cameron Page C
George W. Carpenter Page C
M. T. Clay Page C
William Rush Courlen Page D
William Rush Cowden Page C
F. M. Crain Page C
M. F.  Crain Page C
Thomas J. Creel Page C
Harley L. Cunningham Page C
Cassius M. Dolph Page D
William B. Dove Page D
William Dullam Page D
John L. Dunkle Page D
Frederick B. Dunnigan Page D
A. Eastman Page E
Lester Lymon Eberhart Page E
D. W. Fenton Page F
J. A. Francis Page F
Francis Marion Frazier Page F
Sherman S. Frazier Page F
S. H.  Fuller Page F
Oliver H. Gibbs Page G
Charles W. Goodale Page G
D. B. Griffin Page G
Est Griswold Page G
P. H. Gunsaullus Page G
Francis U. Haeger Page H
J. S. Hagerty Page G
Frank Hamilton Page G
Almanza M. Helme Page G
William F. Hocking Page G
Clair Lacey Ingalls Page I
George Keeslar Page K
Alanson U. Kelly Page K
J. W. Kevestrick Page K
George Willard Kishpaugh Page K
W. A. Lane Page L
Emanuel R. Leas Page L
J. D. Lewis Page L
Robert F. Lipes Page L
Orlando B. Longenecker Page L
P. H. S. Lynch Page L
George W. Mangus Page M
Charles  McKillen Page Mc
T. B. McNabb Page Mc
Jonathan Miller Page M
William H. Miller Page M
John H. Moore Page M
T. Ray Morrison Page M
Joseph E. Moss Page M
Henry A. Nichols Page N
G. W. Noble Page N
D. H. Nusbaum Page N
Effie M. Obermiller Page O
William A. Oliver Page O
James E. Ott Page O
Samuel Pagin Page P
Charles  Palmer Page P
George E. Penton Page P
Columbus M. Pickett Page P
Anna H. Rakestraw Page R
Martin V. Ransburg Page R
James L. Riley Page S
E. S. Robison Page R
C. F. Rudolph Page R
T. I. Rupinghut Page R
Sarah A. Schaeffer Page S
Lafayette Scheidler Page B
Lafayette Scheidler Page S
Joseph D. Searles Page S
M. F.  Shaw Page S
Fred Sherman Page S
Fred  Sherman Page S
William E. Sherrow Page S
E. B. Simmons Page S
A. D. Smith Page S
John B. Somobey Page S
Jared Sproner Page S
E. R. Stauffer Page S
Norman Sutherland Page S
James Todd Page T
Hugh Upton Page U
Hugh Upton Page U
George E. Vesey Page V
James F. Wallace Page W
W. H. Waller Page W
U. J. Ward Page W
David Weeks Page W
William C. Weicht Page W
Harry W. Wertz Page W
Calvin Wewner Page W
J. F. Wickham Page W
Frank Willett Page W
Thor B. Williams Page W
H. D. Wood Page W
Sol A. Wood Page W
Cornelius H. Woodcox Page W
N. C. Woodcox Page W
Y. Y. Woodren Page W
A. T. Young Page Y

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