Orland Depot

It is a photo of the newly built Orland, Indiana depot. It is special
because it was sent approximately 98 years ago by my second cousin twice
removed to his father and my great granduncle.

Silas Goodrich moved to Orland from Sidney, New York with his family. He
fought in the Civil War in the 100th Indiana infantry. Several months later
his brother, Everett, signed up with the 74th Indiana and later died at
Andersonville. After the war, Silas moved back to Orland for a time and then
to Bronson, Mi. His son who sent the card to him was named for Silas'
brother, Everett. Sure would like to know the names of the folks in the photo. 

Submitted By:  Jim Emerson     E-mail: Ejande2009@comcast.net