Llewellyn George Walberry

The photo is of Llewellyn George Walberry. I do not know alot about Llewellyn, only what I have found in the Steuben County Cemetary books, one great niece of Llewellyn and from a school souvenir for Champion School, District No. 10, Otsego Township. He was born in 1874 and died in 1922. Llewellyn was the son of George H. and Sarah(Rinehart) Walberry. He married Leah Lemmon and was a veteran of the Spanish American War. Llewellyn and Leah(Lemmon) Walberry are buried in the Hamilton Cemetary. From the school souvenir of Champion School, District No. 10, Otsego Township, he was the teacher in 1898-1899. The photo belonged to my great uncle George Clarence Davis and Llewellyn grew up near where my great uncle and grandfather grew up in north Otsego Township.

Submitted by:  James L. Davis            Email:  Jldcoonhunter@aol.com