From postcard from the estate auction of Dessa Mae (Sunday) Wolf 25 Nov 2000

                         LET'S ALL GO!
WHERE?  To the 39th Reunion of the Fetters Family.
      To be held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hoyer, located 3 miles
west of  Pleasant Lake, 3/4 mile north.
WHEN?  Sunday, August 11, 1946
      Table silver, cups and coffee furnished.
                          HENRY SUNDAY, Pleasant Lake, Pres.
                          Mrs. Nettie Walter, Sec.

From newspaper clipping from the estate auction of Dessa Mae (Sunday) Wolf 25
Nov 2000 -
                                       FETTERS FAMILY
 The sixth reunion of the Fetters family was held at the pleasant country
home of Mr. and Mrs. Jocob Saul, one mile east of Williams Center, Ohio.
Early in the morning buggies and automobiles began  to arrive with friends
from Fremont, Angola, Hudson, Pleasant Lake and Lorth Liberty, Indiana,
Hicksville, Edgerton and Bryan, Ohio, and surrounding country until the
number reached 113.  The forenoon was spent in greetings and becoming
acquainted with new relatives.  At the noon hour all gathered in the large
grove east of the house where two long tables loaded with good things to ead,
such as only wives and mothers know how to prepare.  After dinner the meeting
was called to order by D. H. Reese, acting president in the absence of
H.D.Fetters, of West Salem, Ohio, and an interesting program was rendered,
although the threatening weather brought it to a close sooner than intended.  
After the progaram the business session followed.  It was decided to hold the
next reunion at the home of John Saul, Melbourn, Ohio, the third Wednesday of
August, 1913.  The following officers were elected for next year: D.H.Reese,
president; O.V.Fetters, vice-president; Mrs. D.H.Reese, secretary; Levi
Fetters, treasurer.  Too much in praise of Mr. and Mrs. Levi Fetters cannot
be said for thir generous hospitality and hearty welcome to all.  In
departing for their home all expressed the hope to meet again next year.

Submitted By:  Theresa Ferguson