(Obtained from Elsie Reed, Cousin to Bertha Sawvel Musser in 1991
     Retyped by Susan Musser Minch, November 1999.
     This appears to be a hand out at the family reunion in 1917.)

The Ashby Family held its 12th annual reunion, August 31, 1917, at the home
of J. B. Ashby.  Forty-three sat at the festival board and did ample justice
to the numerous good things to eat.  After dinner, the adjourned to the house
where a program consisting of music, prayer, scriptural reading and short
talks by the ones who emigrated from England, almost 60 years ago and became
the founders of its many families.  They are:  Mr. J. H. Robinson,  Mrs.
Sarah Jump, Star City, Indiana;  Mr. William Ashby, Butler, Indiana;  Mrs.
Hannah Williams, Logansport, Indiana; Mrs. Charlotte Anthony, Sherwood, Ohio;
Mr. Joseph Ashby, Kewanna, Indiana;  and J. B. Ashby of this place.  These
seven are the survivors of the Charles Ashby family.

Charles Ashby left Rotherfield, Sussex County, England in February 1857, to
find a home in America.  He landed in New York with 3 cents in his pockets
and bravely started out walking and working his way to Wisconsin, where he
had a brother.  After obtaining work, he sent for his family.  The mother and
ten children left London, December 10, 1857, in a three masted sailing

The trip was a stormy one, and three times the passengers were locked below
decks until the storms were over.  The vessel was blown far off its course.
They were at one time so far north that it grew dark at 3 o'clock.  The
report came to America that the vessel was lost and all passengers drowned.
Mr. Ashby knew no difference, until January 30, 1858 when notified of their

The mother and four children continued their journey to Wisconsin, but six of
the children were left in Castle Arden, New York until money arrived for
their fare.  They lived in Wisconsin one year, and then moved to Ohio where
they lived eight or nine years.  They then moved to Pulaski County, Indiana,
where they remained until Charles Ashby's death in 1870.   Then they drifted
to their several homes.

The recalling of these incidents of the voyage made them children again, and
they told of pranks, accidents and happenings long forgotten.

Thomas Williams was born February 9, 1833 in England
Hannah Ashby was born March 6, 1842 in England.  They were married October
10, 1858 at Welafield Church, Wisconsin

Mary Hannah, born January 10, 1860;
Thomas Jefferson, born March 13, 1862;
Julie Elizabeth born May 11, 1864;
Charles Hugh born August 27, 1866;
Sarah Jane, born December 11, 1868;
Anna Elizabeth, born May 21, 1871;
Fanny May born June 14, 1874;
Mary, born July 14, 1876;
Joseph Edward born November 7, 1879.
Felix Alfred, born January 13, 1884 married Fern Bingaman Dec 23, 1905;

Joseph C. Ashby was born August 7, 1849 England
Elizabeth Lucretia Doolittle was born Sept 1, 1861 Pulaski Co. Indiana
They were married March 10th, 1881

Charlotte Lucretia (Lottie) born May 7, 1882  married B W Evans 1898, died
Aug 1948
Charles Harby, born Sept 21, 1883,  Died Oct 3, 1884
Joseph Alfred, born Feb 22, 1886  married Minnie Martin, Nov 1912
Pearl Blanche  born Feb 19, 1888, married Alva J. Nickels  Sept 2, 1906
Clarence Lee born June 13, 1893,  married Gladys Feltis - years later - Neva
August Dean (Dena) born Feb 15, 1895, died Feb 2, 1897

NOTE TO THE READER:  It is thought by the family that the reason Charles
Ashby left England, was that he was going to be thrown in debtors prision.

Respectfully submitted by:  Susan Musser Minch