1886-87  Pleasant Twp. District 5 Roster


Compliments of
     H.  M.  C R A I N, Teacher,

     P L E A S A N T    T O W N S H I P,


Addie Campbell  Emma Wheaton
Edwin Wiggings           May Wheaton
Allen Wiggins           Jennie Johnstone
Clark Wheaton           Elgie Crain
Cora Campbell           Eli Griffin
Emery Higby  Ida Griffin
Sarah Campbell  Byron Griffin
Roy Allen  Alma Wheaton
Guy Wood            Loma Wolf
Burt Manahan            Fred Rice
Charles Manahan  Ezra Wood
Peter Wolf  Jay Fee
Maud Wheaton            Herbert Higby
Albert Campbell  Jake Swanger
Sam Bennet  Allie Wolf


W I N T E R    T E R M,  1886-7

This Roster was found in the Scrapbook of Loma Wolf Baker.
Submitter: Joey Pedigo, granddaughter of Loma Baker


Contact for more info:
Joey Pedigo