1878-79 District 1, Scott Twp. Roster Card

Motto - "He who is diligent shall be rewarded"

Winter Term, '78 & '79

George P. Elliot, Teacher
District No.1, Scott tp., Steuben Co., Ind.


Clara McMillan Emma Showalter Guy Wheaton
Hattie McMillan Freddie Wiess Mattie Houseman
Rilla Fretz Webster Henny Nellie Klock
Anna Hardy Katie Depue Nettie McMillan
Mary Hardy Sherman McMillan Ada Badger
Ralph Klock Fremont Folck Lizzie Wolfe
Burton Wolf Granville Elliott Irene Henney
John Badger Henry Elliott Aurie Houseman
Alphonso Elliott Hiram Hardy Jennie Weiss
Etta Thompson Willie Hardy Jessie Weiss
Lone Kelso Edgar Wolfe Jane Hardy
Eva Showalter

Source: Republican Print

Information from Nathan K. Carpenter:

This is a transcription of a 3" x5" class roster-card, which was among old photos held by my grandmother, Bess A. (DOTTS) CARPENTER [1904-1996]. Bess was a niece of Ralph [1871-1918] and Nellie KLOCK [1865-1932]. Nellie, who never married, taught in Scott township schools for many years around the turn of the century, as did her sister Ruth [1875-1958], Bess' mother, prior to marrying William E. DOTTS [1875-1946] in 1898.  The HARDY, ELLIOTT, and WOLFE children are likely cousins of some degree to my grandmother, although I currently haven't traced it out (I would be interested in further information on them!).

It appears that the children may be listed in rough order of age, judging by the placement of Ralph and Nellie.

Contact for more info:
Nathan K. Carpenter