From the "History of Steuben County, Indiana, 1885", pages 774-775.


Samuel Barr is a son of James Barr, who settled in Scott Township in 1846, on a tract of unimproved land for which he had exchanged property in Ohio.  James Barr was born in Center County, Pa., and married Elizabeth Thompson, of Fairfield County, Ohio, and soon after moved to Richland County, Ohio, where he remained till his removal to Steuben County, Ind., in 1846.  His family consisted of five children.  The eldest son, Benjamin, died in Michigan.  Sarah, James, Mary and Samuel reside in Steuben County.  The parents are both deceased.  Samuel Barr was born in Richland County in 1841.  With the exception of two years he has lived in Steuben County, Ind., since 1846, living on the farm with his parents till twenty-four years of age.  He married Emily Huntley, a native of Ohio, daughter of Elijah Huntley.  Since 1879, he has been living in Pleasant Lake, engaged in the wine and liquor business.  He conducts his business in a conscientious, legitimate manner.  He keeps the best qualities of liquors; no minors are allowed in his store; no chairs nor benches are found for the accommodation of loungers; no gossiping idlers nor games of chance with cards, dice, etc., are allowed, and no man is permitted to become intoxicated on his premises.  He possesses strong principle, nerve and will-power, and is never imposed upon by the rougher element of society.  Mr. Barr is a highly esteemed citizen of Pleasant Lake.


Submitted by:  David D. Masterson