From the "History of Northeast Indiana, LaGrange, Steuben, Noble and DeKalb 
Counties", volume II, page 247

GATES BEARD, a well known farmer and public official of Steuben County, was 
born in Canada August 12, 1860, a son of Horace and Amanda(Randall) Beard.  
The year following his birth his parents settled in Branch County, Michigan.  
Horace Beard was a saw mill operator, being head sawyer for a number of 
years.  He died in 1873.  He and his wife had eight children:  Wallace, 
Alice, Alma, Gates, Dora, Melvin, Carrie and Esther.

Gates Beard attended the public schools of Branch County to the age of 
thirteen and then came to Steuben County and has since been dependent 
entirely upon his own exertions.  He worked as a farm hand in Scott Township, 
and about 1893 was able to buy the farm of eighty acres where he still lives. 
 He has since increased his farm to 118 acres, and has made it profitable and 
a valuable property.

Mr. Beard is a republican, served on the Township Advisory Board and is now 
in his second term of four years as township assessor.  He is a member of the 
Christian church.

In 1882 he married Louisa Rummel, of Steuben County.  She died September 9, 
1909, the mother of four children:  Shirley, Pearl, who is the wife of Ernest 
B. Chard, Earl, deceased, and Alma, wife of Frank L. Davis.

Note from the submitter:

     Gates Beard's full name was Gates Levi Beard.

     Louisa Rummel was the daughter of William and Louisa(Burch) Rummel.

     Gates Levi and Louisa(Rummel) Beard were my great grandparents.

Submitted by:  James L. Davis