Taken from the 1880 Atlas, Steuben Township page 53 clm 3.

    Biery, Theophilus Emanuel, the son of Samuel and Anna S. (Hanni) Biery, was born in Knox Township, Columbiana Co., Ohio, December 7, 1841.  He attended North Georgetown Seminary and Mount Union College, and for a number of years, taught school.  During the war, he served in the Union Army, belonging to the Eighty-sixth Ohio Volunteer Infantry and the One-Hundred
and Forty-third Ohio National Guards.  He afterward studied medicine with Dr. Jesse Miller, of North Benton, Ohio; attended a course of lectures at Cleveland Medical College, and subsequently graduated from Detroit Medical College, June 8, 1869, since which time he has been engaged in the
successful practice of his profession.  Dr. Biery was married, March 30, 1865, at Pleasant Lake, Ind., to Miss Lydia A Fifer, daughter of Adam and Elizabeth Fifer.  They have had seven children, whose names are respectively, Lizzie Annie, Orelia Lydia, Theophilus Ocellus, Charles Dallas, Jeannetta Lavinia, Minnie Almeida and Glen Fidello.  In 1875, Dr. Biery settled in Steuben
Township, where he still resides.  In connection with his profession, he has an extensive photograph gallery, which, when finished, will be second to none in the county.  The Doctor has a very interesting family, he, himself, is a thorough-going man, while Mrs. Biery is a model wife and mother.

Submitted By: Jean Ann Childers