From the 1885 History of Steuben County, Indiana

pages 531-532


Hon. Ezekiel Brown was born in Cayuga County, N. Y., in 1831, a son of Russel and Laura (Sweet) Brown.  He was five years of age when his parents moved to Lagrange County, Ind., and there he was reared and educated in the old log cabin schoolhouse.  He remained with his parents till 1858, when he came to Steuben County and engaged in the mercantile business in Crooked Creek nearly a year and a half.  He then bought 250 acres of land about 100 acres of which had the trees cut, but the stumps remained.  He went to work with a will to make an ideal farm, which from his boyhood his fancy had portrayed.  He has cleared his first purchase, and added to it 272 acres, and now has one of the finest farms in Steuben County.  His residence and farm buildings are unexcelled in the county, and his home is the embodiment of comfort and good cheer.  Hospitality and a kind welcome greet all who visit them, Mr. and Mrs. Brown both taking pleasure in entertaining and making at home their guests.  Mr. Brown was elected to represent his district in the Legislature in 1878, and performed all his duties satisfactorily, and with the same care bestowed on his private affairs.  Mr. Brown was married in 1855, to Mary C. Barry, daughter of John and Mary A. (Darrow) Barry, natives of Orleans County, N. Y., who came to Indiana in 1835.  They have two sons-- Frank M. and Clinton N., the latter an attorney in Beatrice, Neb.


Submitted by Kim Davoli