A. M. Caswell
Source:  History of Steuben County, IN  1885 p.559

A. M. Caswell, proprietor of the Hilton House, Fremont, Ind., is one of the
pioneers of Steuben County.  He was born in Geauga County, Ohio, Aug. 25,
1834, a son of Lorenzo D. and Eliza (Holt) Caswell, natives of
Massachusetts, and early settlers of Geauga County.  In 1836 his parents
moved to Steuben County, Ind., and settled on the State line, on section 15,
Fremont Township.  They settled on a wild tract of land, and were obliged to
live in a tent till a cabin could be built.  Being late in the spring they
cleared a small patch and put in a crop of corn for the next year's bread.
Their meat was procured from the forests, deer, wolves, wild turkeys, bears
and hogs being abundant.  Their light was made by dipping a piece of cotton
cloth into a saucer of coon's oil, and igniting it.  To them were born five
children - A. M.;  Fatima, wife of M. Follett, died in Fremont; Oliver, died
in 1867; Henry, of Quincy, Mich.; Julia.  Mrs. Caswell died in 1848.  Mr.
Caswell is living in Quincy, Mich., aged seventy-four years.  They were
life-long members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  A. M. Caswell was
reared and educated in the pioneer times of Steuben County.  When nine years
of age, he began to help his father in the field.  In 1856 he embarked in
the hotel business and in 1863 went to Quincy, Mich., and for two years was
in the grocery business.  In 1865 he returned to Fremont and bought the
American House, which he exchanged three years later for a house in
Waterloo, known as the Long House.  He carried on this house six months and
then sold out and returned to Fremont, and the following fall was employed
as traveling salesman.  A year later he bought a mill which he ran but a
short time when he bought a farm on which he lived six years.  Feb. 22,
1883, he again moved to Fremont and rented the Hilton House.  He keeps one
of the best hotels in Northeastern Indiana.  It is furnished in good style
and the table is always supplied with the best the market affords.  In
connection with his hotel he has a fine livery stable where will be found
both single and double teams, for either gentlemen or ladies.  Mr. Caswell
was married March 17, 1859, to Leonia C. Barker, daughter of Samuel Barker.
They have two children - Alice A., and Carrie, wife of J. B. Langworthy.  In
politics Mr. Caswell is a Republican.