Taken from the 1880 Atlas of Steuben County, IN  p.53 clm 3

Chadwick, Frank H., son of John and Abigal Chadwick, was born on Section 35, Jamestown Township, October 23, 1854.  In the spring of 1872, he began his mercantile career by entering the employ of Scovill and Latson, merchants of Angola, Ind.  Here he remained three years, when he formed a co-partnership with Henry Linder, and opened up a general store at Pleasant Lake.  Mr.
Chadwick was united in marriage with Miss Artellie Snyder, of Pleasant Lake, October 23, 1875.  Mr. Chadwick's father came to this county in July, 1847, and settled in Jamestown Township.  He moved to Clear Lake Township, and from there to Pleasant Township, and lastly to his present residence in Branch County, Mich.  Mr. Chadwick is a first-class business man, and enjoys
the respect and confidence of his numerous patrons.  He has been very successful in business, and is well calculated to enjoy the surroundings of his happy home.

Submitted by Jean Ann Childers