From the 1885 History of Steuben County, Indiana

page 788


James Madison Crain resides on section 36, Steuben Township, on land settled by his father, Lucius Crain, in 1837.  Lucius Crain was born in the State of Connecticut and moved when a boy to New York with his parents.  He was married to Paulina Frink, a native of Madison County, N. Y.  In 1837 he started for the West with his family and located on the land now occupied by his son.  He put up a log house and cleared about five acres of timber.  In the spring of 1838, on account of sickness which prevailed at that time in the settlement, and actuated no doubt by homesickness, he decided to return to his native State and remain five years, till the county should get more thickly settled.  He accordingly packed up his household effects and engaged a man and team to take them to Toledo, where he took a steamer for his old home.  His father-in-law, Selah Frink, had settled in Otsego Township, and after about two years wrote him that the country had become more healthy and advised him to return.  Accordingly after an absence of two years and a half he again took up his abode in Steuben Township, and lived here till his death in 1849.  His family consisted of five children, all of whom are living.  James Madison Crain was born in Madison County, N. Y., in 1830.  He remained with his father till his death and then took charge of the homestead, where he has since lived.  He married Margaret J. Renner, a native of Pennsylvania.  They have three children--Arvilla, Lucius and Wilson.


Submitted by: Kim Davoli