From the 1885 History of Steuben County, Indiana

page 748


Arthur K. Hammond, section 4, Salem Township, is the adopted son of Edward H. Hammond, a pioneer of 1836.  Edward H. Hammond was born in Pennsylvania, March 21, 1805.  He learned the trade of a blacksmith in the town of Barnsville, serving an apprenticeship of three years.  In the spring of 1836 he came to Steuben County with Eli Teal and an elder brother of the latter, and entered land on section 4, Salem Township.  They then returned to Ohio, and the following fall moved their families to the township.  Mr. Hammond improved his land and at the same time worked at his trade in partnership with Mr. Teal.  They were the first blacksmiths in Salem Township.  Mr. Hammond made of his land one of the finest farms in the county, residing on it till his death, Feb. 3, 1875.  He was twice married.  His first wife was Mrs. Elizabeth Teal, mother of Eli M. Teal.  His second wife, who survives him, was Mrs. Frances (Teal) Kaufman, a native of Fairfield County, Ohio, born in 1810.  He had no children, but adopted a nephew, Arthur Kirlin.  The subject of our sketch, Arthur K. Hammond, was born in Perry County, Ohio, May 30, 1851, and in 1855 accompanied his father, John Kirlin, to Steuben County.  His father is still a resident of Salem Township.  He was adopted by Mr. Hammond in 1861.  He has had good educational advantages, attending the public schools of Steuben County.  He now has charge of the homestead of Mr. Hammond, and is one of the most successful young farmers of the township.  He was married to Nancy Morrison, a native of Wabash County, Ind., born March 27, 1853, a daughter of John Morrison.  They have three children--Clyde, Schuyler and Edith.


Submitted by: Kim Davoli