John A. Hunter
Source:  History of Steuben County, IN  (1885) p.508

John A. Hunter is a native of Lafayette, Ind., a son of Robert and Abigail
(England) Hunter, natives of Pennsylvania, of German ancestry.  Soon after
his birth his parents moved to Fairfield County, Ohio, afterward to Cary,
and thence to Clyde.  When he was two years of age his father died, and his
mother subsequently married John Keinneth, who died in 1844, when the care
of the farm devolved on him.  He was married in 1847 to Eliza C. Rathburn,
and settled on a tract of forty acres of wild land, which he cleared and
improved, residing there till 1863, when he moved to Steuben County, Ind.
In 1875 he bought the farm where he now lives, on which he has erected a
residence and farm buildings second to none in the county.  He has given
special attention to stock-raising, and has some of the finest horses in the
township.  Mr. and Mrs. Hunter have three children - Calista, wife of
William Cleaveland; Belle, wife of Frank Parker; and Frank P., married Eva