William R. Ingalls Biography

    William R Ingalls was born March 27, 1827. He was the son of Lance Carpenter and Jeremiah Jr. Ingalls; grandson of Mary Bigelow and Jeremiah Sr. of Vermont.
     While a small lad of four his mother, father and brother George, age eleven, moved to Cuyahoga Co. Ohio where Jeremiah worked as a chopper for the "Shakers" whose real name is "United Society of Believers in the second appearing of Christ"  For whatever reason, probably sincere, he decided to join the brethern bringing with him Lance, George, and William R.  Lance grew tired of the Shaker life, departed taking Willliam R. and  reentered the world. Jeremiah and George
remained till death.  Jeremiah died in 1858 and George in 1880 at which time the Shaker   community was losing its popularity.  The only time George left the community was during the Civil  War when he was drafted into the Medical Corp, a fellow Shaker maimed himself to avoid
the War but George followed the law and did his duty and returned to his community when  discharged.
    Little is known about Lance. Only William could have known. Supposedly she later married Alonzo Hancock.  She died in Summit Co. Ohio. At this point William was alone at the age of
sixteen.  Before he left Ohio, he married Sylvia Rowley, and for the next years he cleared the land for his 200 acre farm which is located at Otsego Center, St. Rd 1 junction with  Co.Rd.500 S.  Although the original farm house has been replaced, the original barn was still standing. 5 years ago and I had the pleasure of visiting the area.  The beams in the barn were unusual and looked to be built by an industrious farmer.
    Meantime back at the house Sylvia gave birth to Susan Ingalls in 1852, she later married Albert W. Long.  Charles Alfred Ingalls was born in 1854 later marrying Emma  A. Coleman. Charles was a lifelong resident of Steuben Co.  Sylvia Rowley Ingalls died at the young age of twenty-nine  in 1859. William R. married Lovina Thompson of Wood Co. Ohio, their union produced six children from 1861-1876  Effie-Lana Jane-Willie and Lillie twins--Albert-Jerm.
    William stayed busy with other activities.  He read for the law and studied many subjects political and religious. He practiced law in the Steuben Courts, but did not choose it as his living.  He was a staunch Republican but said to be just and generous in his debates as a Mason.  He was active in  the Mason Lodge 236.
    Lovina Thompson Ingalls died before W.R . His last years were not pleasant as he suffered poor health. In his final illness, he was at his son Charles at Pleasant Lake and his daughter Lana Clark  helped nurse him. He succumbed to the complications of the "flu" on May 7 1901. 74 years 1  month  and 23 days.  Now the family "rests" together at the "Old Cemetery" near Otsego Center. Sylvia, Lovina, Lana  Clark, her husband William Clark and others.

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