"History of Northeast Indiana LaGrange, Steuben, Noble and DeKalb
Counties" by The Lewis Publishing Company Chicago and New York 1920 Volume II
p.157 in the Biography for Chester C. Klink
  "CHESTER C. KLINK.  There is a growning disposition in the minds of liberal
men to judge people not by their possessions but by what they do and the value
of their work and position in any community. Applied to Chester C. Klink of
Salem Township in Steuben County this scale of appraisal brings out the fact
that he is in the words of one of his neighbors "a corking good farmer," has
made good his stewardship of one of the older homesteads of Steuben County, is a
man whose judgement is civic and community affairs is respected, and his is one
of the most interesting families in Salem Township. Mr. Klink was born on Klink
homestead in section 12 of Salem Township, December 16, 1879. This homestead was
once the property of his grandfather, Christian Klink. Christian Klink was a
native of Germany, served over five years in the Napoleonic wars in Europe, and
on coming to America landed at Baltimore, where he worked to pay his passage
money. Afterward he settled in Ohio, and in 1848 came as one of the pioneers to
Steuben County, Indiana. He acquired at that time a tract of land including the
present farm of his grandson. He lived to see much of this land in cultivation,
the log cabin replaced by a frame house, and the esteem with which he was
regarded was proportionate to his material achievements.
  His son, Eli Klink, was born in Ohio in 1844 and was a small child when
brought to Steuben County. He became a successful farmer and in 1878 built a
fine fourteen-room brick house on the old homestead. He died at Angola in 1909.
He married Syrena Deller, who was born in Steuben County in 1850 and is still
living. Eli Klink and wife had six children, Chester C. being fourth in age.
  Chester C. Klink acquired his education in the public school of District No. 1
of Salem Township known as the Klink School, and from there entered the Angola
Tri-State Normal College, taking the literary course two years and then
graduating in the commercial course. As a young man he farmed in ssection 14 of
Salem Township a year and a a half, and then returned to the old Klink home and
for a number of years has carried on his affairs in a systematic and efficient
manner which spells successs in farming and stock raising. He is well known as a
breeder of blooded Shorthorn cattle, having a herd of about thirty of these fine
animals and is also a breeder of spotted Poland China hogs.
  Mr. and Mrs. Klink are members of the Trinity Reformed Church. June 6, 1900,
he married Mabel S. Lacey, daughter of Robert A. Lacey, member of a well-known
family of Steuben County. They are the proud parents of six fine looking and
sturdy children, named in order of age, Robert E., Vinson C., Wayne E., Thelma
S., Wilbur M. and Wesley W."

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