From the 1885 History of Steuben County, Indiana

pages 837-838


Jonas Markley was born in Crawford County, Ohio, July 15, 1850, son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Stough) Markley, also natives of Ohio.  His grandfather, Horatio Markley, was a native of Ashland County, Ohio, a son of the pioneer, Joseph Markley.  His father died in 1857 and his mother afterward married Peter Rutan and lived in Crawford County.  Her father, John Stough, was of Holland descent, and tradition says his Grandfather Stough was of royal parentage.  The wife of Horatio Markley was a daughter of Adam Link, who was born in Washington County, Md., Nov. 14, 1761.  Of him more than passing mention must be made.  He entered the war at the age of sixteen years and served five years.  While away from home his father, Jacob Link, was killed in his own house by the Indians.  A part of the time during his service he was a companion of Poe, the scout, whose fame is historical.  At the age of twenty-eight years he married Elizabeth Link, a distant relative.  He was by disposition a rover, and rugged hunter, who liked nothing better than the haunts of the wilderness, and his early life saw many changes of residence.  He was a man of iron constitution, no deprivation or hardship affecting him.  At the age of sixty years he walked from Pennsylvania to his home in Ohio, a distance of 141 miles, in three days.  He was always a poor man, never caring to accumulate property.  He was a hard worker, nevertheless, and cleared quite a farm after he was seventy years of age.  He was careless of what he ate or drank, either in quality or quantity, or how often.  A great lover of whisky, but would divide his last dram with a friend.  He often said to himself, "Whatever may be said of me, no man could ever call me a coward."  As years grew upon him in his lonely condition, he went to live with his son-in-law, Horatio Markley.  He was often remonstrated with by Mr. Markley about the use of whisky.  Mr. Markley was an inveterate smoker, and one day the old man said to him, "Well you quit smoking and I will quit drinking whisky."  Mr. Markley could not undertake this, but soon after was prostrated by sickness and upon his recovery said to Mr. Link, "Now I have quit, will you stand to your word?"  The old gentleman said "Yes" and did, although then past ninety years of age.  This change from a life-long slavish habit prostrated him and all thought he must die.  All knew the remedy, but no, the old hero was adamant, and from that day never a drop of liquor passed his lips.  He was a Democrat from the days of Jefferson, but his last vote was the Republican ticket.  He died at Sulpher Springs, Crawford Co., Ohio, Aug. 15, 1864, aged 102 years nine months and one day, it is believed and claimed the last of the heroes of the war for American independence.  To return to the subject of our sketch.  Jonas Markley was about seven years of age when his father died, and life's responsibilities were his almost from that time.  The four years following he lived with his uncle, John Stough, and afterward worked by the month at farm work, until about eighteen years of age.  Then worked at brick and tile making about nine years.  While a resident of Ohio he came to Indiana for his bride.  He was married Dec. 26, 1875, in Otsego Township, Steuben County, to Marcella Souder, a native of Hardin County, Ohio, born Dec. 27, 1856, a daughter of Amos and Elizabeth Souder, who came from Wyandotte County, Ohio, in November, 1869, and settled in Otsego Township.  The first two years after their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Markley lived in Wyandotte County, Ohio, and then came to this county and bought forty acres of land on section 11, Otsego Township, where they lived three years, and then sold the farm and bought the one where they now live on the same section.  Mr. Markley is a self-made man, the only assistance he ever had being $700 from his Grandfather Markley's estate.  He is a Republican in politics and a radical temperance advocate.  He is one of Otsego's most honored citizens having the respect of all who know him.  He has two children -- Marshall J. and Jennie M.


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