From the 1885 History of Steuben County, Indiana page 752:

Leonard N. McLain resides on section 7, Salem Township, where his father, John McLain, settled with his family July 11, 1844.  John McLain was born in the State of New York, Dec. 25, 1792.  He was reared in Cayuga County where he married Eunice Nelson, a native of that county, born Feb. 16, 1803.  In 1836 they moved to Monroe County, Mich., where they lived till 1844, and then moved to Steuben County.  Mr. McLain bought a tract of unimproved land of John Candy.  His first house, a log cabin, is still standing.  While this house was being built the family lived in a log house on the farm now owned by Abner Sams, moving into their own house in April, 1845.  After getting his farm under a good state of cultivation, the father died Sept. 2, 1855.  The mother died Aug. 11, 1876.  There was a family of thirteen children, ten of whom came with their parents to Steuben County.  One was born here.  Five of the children are living---Nancy, Mercy, Leonard N., Eliza P. and Mary Ellen.  Leonard N., who owns and occupies the homestead, was born in Cayuga County, N Y.,  April 11, 1834.  He enlisted July 24, 1861, in the Twenty-first Indiana Infantry and served eighteen months, when the regiment was converted into the First Indiana Heavy Artillery, and served till Jan. 10, 1866, when they were discharged at Baton Rouge, La.  His entire term of service was four and a half years’ longer than any other soldier from Salem Township.  Soon after his return  from the war he bought the old homestead.  He married Mary Fast, daughter of Reuben  Fast, formerly of Salem Township, and  now of  Michigan.  They have two children--Erdley L., born April 26, 1868, and Ray, born Feb. 24, 1884.  Mr. McLain’s farm contains eighty acres, sixty-five acres under  cultivation.  His residence and farm buildings are commodious and substantial.  His health was undermined by his prolonged army experience, and he has never fully recovered his former vigor.  He had four brothers in the service--Sylvester served two years in the Second Michigan Infantry, when he was discharged for disability.  He died  at Burlington, Michigan Dec.10, 1867.  Ambrose enlisted in the One Hundredth Indiana Infantry, and was discharged for disability.  He died July 23, 1863, four weeks after reaching home.  Charles enlisted  in the Seventy-fifth Illinois, in the fall of 1862; came home on a sick furlough and died March 18, 1864.  John W.,  the youngest son, was in the same company with Charles, and died at Murfreesboro, Tenn.,  Jan. 22, 1863.  Two brothers-in-law, Martin Haines and Orlando Dennison, were in the service.  The former died in the army and the latter is living in Kansas.  Probably no other family in Steuben County  can show an equal army record with that of John McLain's.